Recommended Read: Game of Thrones

So a few weeks ago I posted about being more organised on the blog, and I really have been trying. However, I also made the mistake of getting obsessed with a new book series, which means blogging (and you know, life in general) has been out aside, in favor of curling up on the sofa […]

My Sun-Lounger Reading List

If you’ve read my last post on how I dealt with my brutal sun burn, you will probably have guessed that I spent quite a bit of time on a sun-lounger on my recent holiday. And of course it’s pretty much impossible to soak up the sun on holiday without a book in your hand. I don’t […]

Words which make me smile

Ever since I can remember, the power of words has utterly fascinated me. From the things people say, to the print in novels, to those which are screamed into microphones at rock concerts. I find it surreal how something so every day, so ordinary, when put in the right order can change everything. How a […]