Back in the blogging world!

So just a quick update for anyone who has visited Disasters of a Twenty Something recently. And when I say recently I mean in the last six months. Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve been on my blog dashboard, and now I’m back it’s made me realise how much I have to tell all of you about!!

I say this is going to be a quick update, but there’s actually been a huge amount going on in my world in the last few months – a lot of which has meant that I simply haven’t had the time to blog. But also means that I just lost a bit of motivation.

If you cast you mind (or screen) back about six months, I blogged about how I had just started a new job (if you can’t remember you can read about that here) BUT, in the long months since then I have started yet another new job.

I was having a really fun time at that job, but when a position that I wanted for a really long time came about, I just couldn’t say no. And as much as I loved the people at my old job, sadly the work/life balance was leaning heavily in the work favour, not the life favour. Which is one of the big reasons I didn’t blog. When I got home from work I was just simply too tired, and the thought of getting my laptop out was something I just couldn’t bear. But happily, at the new job I am finding my evenings and weekends are my own again, which gives me lots of nice time to get blogging again.

The other huge change which has been going on for me and R, is that we finally (and seriously finally doesn’t do it justice!) moved house! We have made it out of the leaky damp tiny flat that we called home for far too long, and are actually in a flat where we are happy to invite people round, and the thing I can’t stop thinking about is how it doesn’t smell like damp anymore. Yes, I am aware that that shouldn’t be something I am excited about.

It seemed like a fine plan before all this happened, to start a new job and move house in the same week. I since learned that was a terrible plan. I haven’t been that tired in a really long time. After spending days learning and trying to impress at the new job, coming home and unpacking wasn’t a very fun idea. I am very aware that I am an absolute horrible human being when I’m tired, and I think after the first week or two R wasn’t actually sure he wanted to live with me anymore. But of course, he was incredible as always and there was a few evenings where he just put me in the shower and then into bed. And after a few good nights sleep, I was back to being a regular human again.

But the main reason the move stopped me blogging is that I put my laptop in a safe place so that it wouldn’t get lost or damaged in the move, and of course in the fog of exhaustion going on I couldn’t remember what that safe place was. So I literally could not blog for a while.

Lastly, aside all those excuses there has been some fun stuff going on too. In the last few months amidst the moving and job change – which of course has been fun and have both been incredible decisions – me and R did three gigs in three days (something I haven’t done since my very early twenties, and made me realise how old I am getting!). We have been enjoying the sun as much as we can recently, and spending lots of time at the beach. Side note: a great thing about my new job is that the office is approximately 30 seconds from the beach, so my lunchtimes and evenings have involved heading straight there recently now the sun is out. We’ve also been sprucing up the new place, making it our own.

Aaaaand, in the midst of all of that it was my birthday. I am getting closer and closer to this blog needing a name change, since in a few short years I will no longer be a twenty-something. I had a great time spending time with friends, and two of my favorite men in the world – my little nephews. One of the most incredible things that has happened in the last six months is the arrival of nephew number two! Like his older brother, he has had my heart since the second I found out he was on his way! I am very much looking forward to being able to have them up to Brighton, now that we actually have a vaguely baby-proof flat, and a park nearby, now that the big nephew is running around. He’s getting pretty bad ass on a scooter these days too.

But aside me gushing about how much I love being an aunt, there’s probably a lot more to update you on, but everything else seems have flown from my mind now. Except for the fact that in the last few days and weeks, I have been getting really, really ready to get back to blogging.

If you been looking at instagram you will have seen that there has been notebooks and diary planning galore. I have a brand new shiny blog editorial calendar ready to be filled, and a lot of fun posts to fill it, and of course the blog with!

So keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting stuff coming up, so keep your eyes on the blog guys!

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