Winter Warmers Wishlist

So unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere other than England – and if you do I am very, very, very jealous right now – you’ll have noticed that it has got mighty cold in the last few weeks.

I know a lot of people who love Winter, but me – I just want to stay in pajamas, drink tea and ignore everything until the cold, rain and threat of snow is gone for another year.

Sadly, with a job and other various reasons that force me to leave the house, I have had to dig out my Winter wardrobe, which was happily put in storage boxes, what seems like not that long ago.

Every year I do this, and every year I get excited about doing this. Digging through clothes that I haven’t seen or thought about makes me feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. Snuggly jumpers, thick coats and – the one piece of winter clothing I actually look forward to wearing – boots.

However, after the excitement of finding the pieces that I forgot that I loved last year, I always end up finding a few things that I bought in a fit of freezing, and hated. It’s at that moment I realise I need to shop.

This year I have a great excuse, since the new job (if you haven’t heard about that you can read about it here) has a completely different dress code to the old job. Meaning this Winter, I have to find things that are both warm and look vaguely professional. Sadly no more wandering in to work in a pair of leggings and a giant jumper.

So – after a lot of attempts of writing this blog and actually just spending a lot of money online – I have finally got my winter warmers wishlist down to a solid few.


New Look Grey Longline Coat – £34.99 

I actually bought this coat a few weeks ago now, and I can personally vouch for the fact that it is super warm and cosy. Because it’s such a simple shape and colour, it goes really well over pretty much any outfit! My favorite look recently is pairing it with a super chunky long scarf, to add a bit of colour!

TopShop Plisse Star Mesh Skater Dress – £42.00

For some reason I’ve found it really hard this winter to find dresses that will look good with tights. And let’s face it, as much as we all want to look good, staying warm is definitly high on my priorty list. However, this Topshop dress has a great wintery feel, while still being really cute!

Primark Dinosaur PJ’s (Leggings £6, TShirt £4)

I know we’re all a little bit too excited about Halloween to be worried about Christmas yet. But on a cold winter evening, I can’t think of anything more exciting than Christmas Dinosaur pajamas. ‘Nuff said.

New Look Chunky Chelsea Boots – £29.99

As I said before boots are one of my favourite parts of a winter wardrobe, but I always find it hard to find ones that are actually comfy from the off. Which is why I am so in love with these boots. They have enough of a heel to add a bit of height – which I definitely need – but you can easily wear them all day without having horrible achey feet and calves by the end of it!

Iron Fist Bat Collar Black Velvet Dress – £41.49

So first of all, who knew you could get Iron Fist clothing at Tesco now? Secondly, I (and everyone else it seems) totally love velvet at the moment. Not forgetting velvet gives a nice warm layer for winter. Another dress that will look great with tights, which as I said above, is all I need at the moment!

Rad Pretty Good at Bad Decisions Sweatshirt – £29.90

I honestly cannot stop buying Rad sweatshirts. I own about three and they’re all equally cosy and with amazing sassy slogans as well! This one is definitely going to be my next purchase, because – lets face it – I’m definitely pretty good at bad decisions!

So what are you lusting after this winter? What’s keeping you nice and cosy? Let me know!




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