Max Factor Skin Luminizer Review

Okay – here goes…. My name is Bowie and I am a highlighter addict.
I didn’t get on with the highlighting/contouring craze for quite a while because seriously, who actually has time to fully contour their face on a daily basis? However, highlighters; I fully fell in love with. A quick swipe across cheekbones will give the illusion that you are naturally blessed with pointy cheekbones, and of course naturally glowing. Which again, seriously? Who naturally glows at 9am? Because my natural look at that time is more disheveled panda.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m going on about this when you were promised a foundation review. But I think it’s important you understand my reasoning for – at first – being so excited about finding this foundation.
Because it’s like highlighter and foundation in one.
As an avid user of both highlighter, and Max Factors ‘Face Finity‘ – primer, concealer and foundation all in one, in case you were wondering. I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a lot.
The Max Factor website, claims that it ‘cleverly uses light-reflecting particles to create a gorgeous healthy-looking glow.’
To be honest, there were a few things which surprised me about this foundation at first. In comparison to their Face Finity, which I have been using for a quite a while, and loved – the Skin Luminizer is very low coverage.
With the Face Finity, a tiny pump onto a sponge will provide great coverage, that doesn’t budge all day. Maybe that’s the built in primer and foundation. But I found myself using quite a few pumps of the Skin Luminizer to create the same level of coverage.
The long-lasting effect definitely stands up against it’s counterpart though, and I was impressed that I was still covered – and glowing by the end of the day. Although I must say that any time I put my hands anywhere near my face, they came away looking like I had doused my palm in glitter. Which was a tad annoying, but not the end of the world. Although granted, my boyfriend wasn’t too happy when I asked him why he had glitter in his beard and then realised it was because he had given me a kiss. Sorry babe.
My last point on this foundation is a bit of a personal preference one.
As much a I love, love, love highlighter, I have realised that I’m not really a fan of my whole face glowing. And sadly, I need foundation on my whole face.
I have been thinking about this, and I think maybe the glow is a little over the top for me, because I have quite pale skin to begin with? Maybe for those a little darker, the glow would compliment it more. But I find for me, it’s just a little too much.
Keep your eyes peeled if you want a full review of the Face Finity, and I can tell you all the things I love about that, because for now, I think I’ll be sticking with my original choice, over the Skin Luminizer.

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