Things I should thank my Mother for.

Last week my parents went off on holiday. The last few years they seem to always be off here there and everywhere and I couldn’t be happier for them. They’ve raised two incredible children – and a third (me) who is pretty much most of the way there, and now they are taking the time to enjoy not having any ties any more.
However, this does mean that it was a whole week where I couldn’t speak to either of them – which seems a little strange. Me and mum speak nearly every day, and she is the first person I want to speak to when I’m feeling shit. So having a catastrophic week at work, and not being able to vent to my favourite sounding board made for a rubbish week. But also gave me a new appreciation for my Mother and how, no matter how old I get, she is a parent first and foremost.
So, I decided to put together a list of all the things I should thank her for –
For always being honest. 
From little things like whether I should buy a certain top all the way through to the big things like whether I should move in with my boyfriend or take a certain job, she is always 10000000% honest with me. Yes, alot of the time it is not what I want to hear, but she doesn’t care. She will tell me straight – and most of the time she finds a way to put it kindly.
For ALWAYS picking up the phone. 
When I was at the height of my struggle with anxiety, I phoned my Mum – usually in tears – at least twice a day. When writing my dissertation and my stress levels were at 145% most of the time, I phoned my Mum. When I am happy, sad, or anything in between, no matter what, she will pick up the phone and tell me exactly what I need to hear.
For teaching me that you can always be stronger than you appear. 
My Mum is a tiny woman. Yet that doesn’t stop her from standing up for herself, or for me and my brothers. I’ve seen a 6’2 tall guy try and shout her down, and no matter how much he towered over her she stood her ground.
She has stood by my father through his illness and disability, and she’s ran the Brighton marathon twice, as fast as her little legs would carry her – which, is a better time than I could ever hope to achieve. She will never let anything stop her, and that’s taught me that I can be just as strong too.
For knowing when to ask for help. 
In the modern world, when we all want to be strong independent women, asking for help can be hard. But sometimes you have to do it. And seeing my super strong Mumma know her own limitations, have helped me accept mine. Because lets face it, when you’re under 5’4, you often have to ask people to reach stuff for you.
For being the biggest advocate for body positivity I know.
When I was a teenager, I got really confused by the fact that other people’s Mum’s wouldn’t leave the house ‘without their face on’. My Mum wears make up so rarely that I had to remind her how to apply it when my brother got married. And buy her a whole new load because she didn’t really own any. She braves the world, bare-faced and beautiful every pretty much every day.
You might think it’s easy to be body-positive when you’re naturally tiny – but I can tell you it comes with its own set of problems. And yes, she does moan about these problems to me, and my Dad – but come on who doesn’t? But I can honestly say I have never heard her complain about being tiny, or wish that she was different.
For knowing when to say no.
I know I am not a parent – but I can imagine that there are times when you don’t want to be the bad guy. But as a kid, I was told no if I wanted something I shouldn’t have, and even as an adult she will tell me to shut my mouth when I’m shouting about something I have no right to . Or when to remind me that I can’t afford that pair of shoes I am willing to go into my overdraft to get my feet into.
To be honest, I could go on, and on. But I think I should stop – in case she reads this and her ego gets too big.
But still, this is my way of saying thank you to the most incredible woman that I know.
What should you be thanking your Mumma for? I’m sure their all just as incredible as mine is!

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