Younique Soft Touch Mineral Foundation Review

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of these so-called miracle brands which use ‘normal women’ to sell to their friends through social media. I always feel like there is something a little bit scammy about them. Maybe that’s just me being a cynic? Who knows.But anyway, recently an old school friend of mine started selling Younique make up, and it seemed everyone she started selling LOVED their products just as much as she did. So I started to think that maybe this was a brand which could actually live up to the hype.

After seeing a LOT of Before/After photos, and a LOT of videos showcasing the difference between their mascara and Benefit’s They’re Real, I decided to purchase their 3D Lashes mascara.

I won’t go into too much detail about that now, since I’m sure I will go into a proper review of that later. I’m not going to lie, I’ve have a few little glitches with it, but over all it was pretty much as good as it looked online.


And then, a few weeks after, my friends posted a video of her applying the Soft Touch Mineral foundation.

Sounds a bit crazy, but what caught my eye was the fact that she had first drawn all over her face with a black eyeliner. Stars, smiley faces and general scribbles.

She then put 2-3 little drops of the foundation on to a large powder brush and applied it. I’m not going to lie, I was amazed/skeptical. All the eyeliner was covered, and her face looked smooth and silky, but not ‘over done’.

Firstly I couldn’t believe that that little foundation could provide such good coverage. And then I decided hat surely it must feel really heavy and solid on your face, if the coverage is that strong, surely?

So I gave in to the skepticism and bought some.

For a fairly new brand on the market, it came with the pretty high-end price tag of £30, but luckily Younique do quite a few so-may-percent off flash sales, so I managed to get it for around £25.

My next question was, how the hell do you colour match online?

Well, I was actually pretty impressed with the answer to this one. First, they send you as many images as you need of all the different shade. Then, they have a quiz, asking about how your skin goes in the sun, the colours that suit you etc, all to determine what your match is likely to be.

And lastly, if all of this doesn’t work, it has a completely no-problems exchange policy. So if you pick the wrong shade, you just look again, send the old one back and they send you the new one for free. How amazing is that?

I would also like to add, that Younique a lot of home parties and other opportunities to try should you live near someone who sells, but sadly the friend selling this lives about 50 miles away, so it would be quite a mission, just for a colour match!

So I used the images, took the quiz and picked the shade Scarlett. Partly, because I held my current foundation up against the images, and this looked the closest, and partly because that was also the result the quiz gave me.

My friend, who sells this product – then gave me a quick overview of the shade, and how this was the lightest they offered (good, because I’m pasty) and how it was more pink toned than orange etc etc.

But I’m sure what you’re all dying to know is; Did it live up to the hype?

I really like the frosted glass look packaging of this, it does give a really high end feel. Plus it also makes it easy to see when you need to buy a new bottle.
The pipette style lid also makes it easy to only use a little at a time and build up coverage as you need.


I wasn’t too sure at first about the method of putting a few drops on a powder brush and then buffing this on to your face, and I actually waited until I had plenty of time to mess around with different application methods to try this a first. But I was pleasantly surprised. It leaves a much smoother finish than I normally achieve with a sponge, plus you can control how much or as little product you use more easily as well. I was also really surprised at how clean my brush was after as well.

I have (obviously) used proper foundation brushes in the past, and after one application they are clogged up, and then they go all had and gross pretty quickly after. But my powder brush was pretty much perfectly clean after! This might be because I spent ages buffing to ensure I really had the hang of it, but still, its pretty impressive!

Anything that means I have to waste less of my life washing make up brushes really is a plus in my book!


This was where I was most skeptical – surely there was some sort of photoshop trickery going here? But there really wasn’t. You really do need a tiny amount of this, otherwise it makes it hard to buff in, and you do look a little ‘overdone’. But even one drop gives pretty perfect coverage. As much so, that I haven’t been wearing any concealer or powder this week – just this foundation has been enough.

Staying Power:

Again I was skeptical here – I assumed coverage THAT good couldn’t last all day? I have found that weirdly, the less you apply, the better it lasts. And you do have to leave it a little while to almost set. If you rub your face – or like me put glasses on – immediatly after you put it on then it transfers pretty bad. But if you give it five minutes or so to set, the transfer and staying power is dramtically improved. And still, even as a self-confessed face toucher, I was very impressed with how much coverage I still had when i got home from a long, hard day at the office.


Oh, and if you don’t know someone who sells Younique, you can find the products on their website here.
Have you used any Younique products? And if you haven’t are you going to be seeking them out? Let me know!


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