Making Mondays a little nicer…

This may seem a bit of an odd post to write on a Tuesday, but I wanted to see if my advice played out properly before I actually gave it. And of course make any relevant tweaks for next week.

But first. I know for a fact that it’s not just me who hates Mondays. Which kind of passes back to make me hate Sundays. Well Sunday nights at least. I spend the whole day lazing around, enjoying not being at work, usually not being productive and the evening passes scarily fast in a whirlwind of remembering I have about a hundred things I have to do to get ready for work on Monday.


So this Sunday, I decided to try something different. Of course, after spending most of the morning watching Penn and Teller Fool Us reruns. If you haven’t watched it you really should… 

But anyway. I decided to spend the afternoon, doing all the little things I could think of to make my Monday a little nicer.

Make sure you have a healthy supply of wine and/or bath bombs.

Monday’s are the busiest day for me at work, lots of reporting, meetings, and general hassle. Which means by the time I get home, all I want to do is get in a nice warm bath with a glass of wine. And if I find out I don’t have a soothing bath bomb, or any wine, I find it pretty hard to relax. So this Sunday, I checked that I had both of these in stock, meaning I was happy when I finally made it home.

Clean out your handbag.

Somehow during the week, my handbag seems to turn from a bag with things I actually need to carry around with me (I wrote a post about what those things are, which you can read here), into a bag of crap, receipts, used tissues, various make up bits and even more reciepts. Excuse me while I have a crashing realisation of how much stuff I apparently buy…

But spending ten minites on a Sunday, getting rid of all the rubbish, means on Monday morning, I can grab it before I leave the house, and know that I can easily find my train ticket, the right make-up, and my keys, without the hassle of rummaging through a load of rubbish.

Do a load of washing/ironing – and actually put it away! 

I’m just going to put it out there. I’m terrible at washing my clothes. And when I do actually bother to wash them, I dry them, put them in a bag, and then leave them in my bedroom for approximately 2 weeks. Meaning I have to spend my mornings pulling various things out of said bags, trying to find what I actually want.

But, bothering to do the washing and put it all away means that in the mornings (this one helps on the other days too) I can get my clothes nice and easily, making getting ready about ten minutes faster.

Plan your work outfit. 

This one pretty much feeds directly from the one above. But while putting all the washing away – and feeling like you have new clothes because you haven’t done a wash in so long – pick out what you’re going to wear the next day. I don’t function well in the mornings, and pretty often I get to work and realise that I am wearing a terribly put together outfit. Planning this the night before not only stops that, but means you can just jump out of bed and get dressed without fussing about putting together a functioning outfit.

If you’re really super organised, then this also helps with making sure that you have the right make up ready to match your outfit as well. Noone needs to forget their liquid eyeliner, when you’re wearing an outfit that REALLY needs big black eyes.

Charge up your phone/iPod/Vivosmart/Ipad/Kindle (pretty much any electronics you might need) 

There is nothing worse on a Monday morning that waking up late because your phone has died and alarm hasn’t gone off. Except maybe getting on the train and trying to read on your Kindle, or put your music on to realise that these have no battery either.

Plus, I like to spend my train journey looking at my sleep tracking on my Vivosmart, and reminiscing about recent sleep, so it’s handy is that’s charged up too. But me going on about how much I love my Vivosmart is a story for another day. 

Clean your make up brushes. 

To be honest, this one doesn’t really make your morning routine any faster, but it does make it a hell of a lot nicer. And more sanitary. I’m really bad at remembering to clean my brushes, and leaving them all clogged up and yucky. So giving myself a designated day to do this, means my brushes – and therefore my skin – stay nice and fresh.

So, what do you spend your Sunday afternoons doing? Do you have any other great Monday-time-saving tips that I should add to my list?


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