2015 Beauty Favourites

 I can’t believe in a few short hours that 2015 will be over! It’s been a crazy year, one that’s seemed both really long and really short at the same time. Or is that just me? Everyone else I seem to speak to says its gone by in a blink.

I’m not going to lie, with one thing and another I can’t really wait to see the back of this year and get on with a fresh new one. However I definitely can’t say that 2015 has been all bad. I’ve had a lot of fun in some parts of it.

With that in mind, I thought it best to save the 2015 in review post until I’ve had time to find some more positives from it and just go with something that I can easily say is a great thing: I’ve found some fantastic beauty products this year, that I will definitely be carrying over into 2016!


As you can see in the picture I found it hard to narrow down. I couldn’t just pick make up items, because there are moisturisers, bath bombs, and even a shower exfoliator that I have fallen in love with this year!

From Lush

I can’t deny I am an absolute Lush addict, so I’m quite surprised there is only one product that has made my favourites list this year. Although of course, I would never turn down a Comforter, or Snow Fairy shower gel.

Apparently Rub Rub Rub shower scrub  (£8.95) has been a big hit for Lush for a few years now, but somehow I never came across it before. For someone with skin as dry as mine, an in shower exfoliator is an absolute must, and this one manages to leave your skin soft but not feeling strange and over-scrubbed like some I have used in the past. Plus, its powerful scent is really refreshing – it definitely wakes you up in a morning shower!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

To be honest, this doesn’t need much explanation. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t thing this is a true God-send! Wake up too late to wash your hair? Need a bit of extra volume in overly fluffy hair? This will sort you out in just a few seconds.

From Make Up Revolution

You can read full reviews of some of my Make Up Revolution purchases here and here. But in summary I will say I pretty much want everything from this range. Their Iconic eye-shadow palettes have been a staple of my make up bag this year, and I am dying to get my hands on their new powder highlighter – I’m sure I’ll love it just as much as everything else I’ve bought from them!

From Rimmel

Again, another brand that I find very few faults with, but there have been two purchases from them that have really stood out for me this year.

Their lasting finish concealer (£5.49) both perfectly covers up dark circles and blends really well with any foundation I’ve used it with and a little really goes a long way. I’ve had my current one for a good few months now, using it every day, and it’s only just starting to run low.

I’ve also been getting great wear out of their Moisture Renew lipstick, shade 210 – Fancy. (£6.49) It does what it says on the tin, and feels more like a balm than a lipstick, but gives great colour too. This shade is great for the office, as its nice and subtle, but still enough to brighten up a dull day!

From Bomb Cosmetics

I honestly can’t pick which of Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs/bath melts/bath mallows I’ve loved the most recently. I bought a huge selection box about a month ago, and the two pictured above are all I have left. Their moisturising bath melts give you super soft skin without leaving the horrible greasiness that I’ve found with other products like this and everything I’ve used from them smells great and makes a bath such a nice relaxing experience! That is if you can bear to drop them in the bath, considering how beautiful it all is!

Palmers Cocoa Butter (£3.99) and Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter (£10.00

Like I’ve said so many times before, having dry skin means that a good moisturer cannot be lived without – especially in Winter. I can’t decide which of these two I’ve gone through more tubs of this year. They’re both old favourites and both do a more than great job. I genuinely only tend to manage to chose between them by what I want to smell like for the day!

From Benefit

And again two products I cannot decide between. I find that Roller Lash (£19.50) does a really good job of lengthening my lashes, but They’re Real (also £19.50) gives my lashes a thicker darker look. So it pretty much depends on what other eye make up I am wearing which day. However, either one, I can’t seem to find another mascara which lives up to these two, in lengthening or in thickening effect.

Which products/brands have made your 2015? And of course, wishing you all a very happy 2016!


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