Short Hair vs Long Hair

I wrote a while ago about how I have done many different looks with my hair over the past few years. To be honest it’s become a bit of a running joke between my friends, and I’ve often been told “I think every time I see you your hair is a different colour or style”. It makes me dread to think how much money I have spent on hair dye, at the hair dressers and on hair extensions.

I think the main problem is I can never decide on one style or colour for more than a month or so. Which means that I’ve lived with both very long and very short hair in my time. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve decided to keep on growing it and then a week later I book an appointment to chop it all off. Or how many times I get back the pixie cut and within a month go and have extensions put in because I want it long again.


So, after a few months of growing out the super short pixie cut – and managing to achieve a chin length bob, I am now back at the age old dilemma of do I keep on growing it? Or do I forget it and cut it all off again? The thing is there are plenty of pros and cons for both.


We all know that having long hair is a lot of effort sometimes. It takes forever to wash, even longer to dry, and even longer to straighten. It takes 2/3 boxes of hair dye to cover if – if you can be bothered/reach it all. It gets knotty and you have to spend forever brushing it.


However. I honestly can say one thing I really, really miss about having short hair is the top knot. And the pony tail. And the french braid. Pretty much all styles that mean you can wake up, spend 30-40 seconds on a hair style (while still half asleep) and still leave the house looking vaugely respectable. Pretty much, if you have short hair and you wake up with crazy bed head, your option is to (be late), wash, dry and style it again. Or wear a hat – one of the reasons I’m excited for winter.


Aside the easy day-to-day hair styles, there is a lot more choice with hair styles in general with long hair. I wish I could deny the hours I have spent looking up beautiful braided, twisted, curled up-do’s, and ways to curl your hair differently (etc) on Pinterest, only to realise that none of these will happen until I have more hair.


However, on the flip side; with my hair short I can wash, dry and straighten it, all within half an hour. To be honest, I can pretty much towel dry it most of the time, because it doesn’t hold even half the amount of water it used to when it was long. And I can change the colour of it easily because there’s hardly any of it to need to dye!


With my hair being short for a while, I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I brushed my hair. I run a comb through it once a day and because there is so little of it, it doesn’t get windswept, knotted and I don’t have to spend half an hour at the beginning and end of each day detangling the mane that the day makes my hair becomes when it is long.And, despite the fact that I would love to have lots of choice of up-dos, having only one choice, does make getting ready a hell of a lot easier, because I don’t have to decide which one to do, and then try and get it right three times.


The thing is, I know all of this, and every time I think about cutting my hair I go through this. And then I just go on some sort of impulse. So I’ll keep you posted on what happens. Although in the meantime, let me know what you think I should do. And where you stand on the short hair long hair debate.


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