September Favourites

I know, normally at the start of every month I do a post about my favourite from the previous month. What I have been reading, eating, wearing, loving etc.

To be honest, I’m starting to find those posts a bit of a bore to write, and I always think that if something is a bore to write, then it’s probably a bore for you to read as well. So I thought this month I would scrap the September post that I started writing (okay, thought about writing and stared at a blank screen for half an hour) and just give you a little update on life lately.


The last few months I feel like I haven’t really had chance to enjoy life, to stop and smell the roses as it were. Works been crazy for both me and R, and we both having been feeling our best, mentally and physically. Therefore a few days away in Devon, wandering the cobbled streets, relaxing and actually having chance to enjoy each others company was truly amazing. Lets just hope that next time it will be able to be somewhere a little more exotic…


While we were there we went to the Zoo! R had never been to a zoo at all until he was 23 (crazy I know) so its always super fun for us. But I got to see a real life elephant, which was incredible. Although, as happy as I was to see it roaming around its field or having a little munch on his food, when he was taken back inside and stuck in the little house I did get really sad and wonder if he was lonely. Hopefully they can find him a friend one day.


#LetsTalkAboutAnxiety – I’ve been really struggling with my anxiety over the last month or so. this was something that I thought had left me a long time ago, but sadly its back with a vengance. It’s beyond helpful to read inspiring posts like this one from CarpeDiemEmmie, and remember that it really can get better. And it will, it just takes a little work.


Autumn is well and truly underway! I am normally 100% a summer person, but as the evenings start to draw in, and the days start to get a little chillier, I am actually a little excited about Autumn and eventually Winter. Of course, I am not excited about being cold all the time, but I am a big, big fan of boots, chunky scarves, and bobble hats. Although mostly, I’m enjoying spending the evenings snuggled up under a blanket, with a cuppa and a good film or book.


So, what have you been up to lately? And are you missing the old favourites posts?


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