Lush Comforter Shower Gel Review

Hands up who’s tried (and fallen in love with) lush comforter bubble bars?

I’m assuming it’s pretty much everyone in the western world – or everyone as far as Lush reaches.

Well I definitely had my hand high up in the air for that one, and if you didn’t then get yourself to the Lush website as soon as physically possible and buy yourself at least one. But you know, wait until you’ve finished reading this first…

Anyway, the comforter is probably my favourite lush product, or at least my favourite year round product. Yes, I do buy like 20 bottles of Snow Fairy every winter to make sure that I don’t run out during the year.


So when I found out that they were selling comforter shower gel in the Lush Oxford Street store I knew it was on my must have list (you can check out my haul here)

I was sceptical at first if they could fit everything I love about the bubble bar into a shower gel, but I have to say overall I was really impressed.

First of all, they have got the small absolutely spot on. From the second I opened the cap I felt like I was holding a bubble bar, which is especially great considering the smell is one of my favourite things about Comforters. I also love how the scent of the shower gel lingers on your skin a little longer than with the bubble bar, and it’s so nice a few hours later to catch a little bit of one of my favourite scents.

I think I had high expectations when I thought that the shower gel would lather up and create as many bubbles as the bubble bar does when you drop it into a bath, so I was a little bit disappointed by how little it lathers. But to be fair, it does cause more bubbles than your average shower gel, while still leaving your skin feeling soft.

Another pet peeve of mine is when after you wash off certain soaps or shower gels you can still feel a residue left on your skin, especially after you dry yourself, leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. But despite the lingering yummy scent and amount of lather there is nothing like that with the Comforter shower gel.

Overall, as usual with Lush products this is definitely something I’d buy again and recommend to friends, and of course readers. Plus, now I get to enjoy the comforting scent and feeling of a Comforter, even when I only have time for a quick shower!


Have you tried the Comforter shower gel? What did you think? Let me know!



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