Commuter Problems

I’ve probably mentioned many times before how Monday to Friday every week, I leave my little flat and head to the train station to take a train (and then a bus) to work.

Now from what I know, the common term for that is a commuter.

Now according to stats A LOT of people, like me, do this every day as well. In Britain it seems we are a nation of commuters, or maybe it’s just the fact that no one wants to drive in London. Ever. But especially on a Monday morning.

Now it’s a been nearly a year that I’ve been commuting now, and so I’ve picked up a thing or two about commuters.

So here is my (non-exhaustive) list of commuter problems.


People who don’t understand ticket barriers.

9/10 there will be a ticket barrier when you get off the train. And you will need a ticket to get through that barrier.

If you cannot locate that ticket, realise this BEFORE the barrier. Do not – I repeat NOT – stand at said barrier looking for your ticket. The rest of us do have our tickets ready and want to get through the barrier you are blocking.


Suitcases/bikes/shopping trolleys 

Generally anything that is going to cause a large obstruction getting on or off the train, or potentially take up all the room on the train.

Note: I totally accept prams and wheel chairs, I understand this cannot be avoided. 


Train guards. 

When you’re trying to read/sleep/have a chat on the train they stop you and meticulously check your ticket. When you need them because your ticket isn’t accepted at the barrier they’re either nowhere to be found, or too busy having a chat themselves


Train drivers. 

I am not kidding when I say 4 different trains that I wanted to get were cancelled last week due to staff shortages. Is it stupid of me to say: JUST HIRE MORE DRIVERS



Yes, part of the reason that I take the train is because I cannot afford to constantly be fixing my car. But still, does it really cost THAT much per person for one little train? And if you’re making that much money, surely you can see my previous point, and hire more drivers!!


Inappropriate passengers.

First I probably point you to the many, many recent news articles about how many women get sexually assaulted on the tube. Once a guy thought it was acceptable to ‘fall’ into my breasts every time the train remotely jolted. And then looked upset when me and another lady shouted at him.

Secondly, if I wanted to listen to your music or your phone conversation, I would have asked.

Thirdly, I would take a guesstimate and say approximately 45% of people on trains have no spacial awareness, yes my face was the thing that your bag was repeatedly hitting.

To be honest, this point could be a list in itself.


Train toilets 

Sometimes I’ve had to run out of work and on to a train really quickly. Which means sometimes I am unable to use regular toilets. That does not mean I am okay with sitting or stepping in other people’s urine. Just saying.


The ‘doors will close 30 seconds before departure rule’ 

I can almost guarantee that one thing that makes you want to punch something more than anything else is running – no, sprinting, through an overcrowded train station, nearly killing yourself running up/down a flight of stairs only to get to the train, pummel the open door button and be told you are too late. I am not too late; the train is there. Let. Me. On. It.


And is it just me that thinks the platform guards should at least fake being sympathetic instead of shouting at you? 


Food trolleys.

Yes, I understand a tired and thirsty commuter might want a cup of coffee on the train in the morning. What a tired and thirsty commuter does not want is to be charged the mortgage of a small flat for said coffee. And then offered a bashed up Kitkat with that – for the same price I paid for my car.

As you can tell I never actually buy good from said carts, but it would be nice to not get blocked in by the trolley when my station is coming up.


What annoys you about your commute? Has my list made you glad you drive to work?


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