Sleek Blusher Review

Sleek is a make up brand that somehow never falls on my radar. I don’t really know why, but as much as I know they are there, I never get suddenly swept by instinct towards their make up counter, like I do with other brands.
However, a good friend of mine swears by them, and after having a rummage through her make up bag a few weeks ago (because what else would a good friend do?) I fell in love with the colour of this blush. So obviously, I had to have it.
I’ve been using it for about a week now, (I re-took the photo after a few month – I don’t go that overboard with my blusher!) and it’s taken a little while to get used to but I think I’ve finally got it down.

In my last blusher review, I mentioned that I like my blusher to have definite rosy tones, and am not a fan of brown or gold toned blush/bronzers. So I was surprised at how much I loved this colour right from the off – even with it being Rose Gold.
But that’s what I like about it. As much as it gives a very rosy colour when applied, throughout the day I catch a glimpse of myself in various reflective surfaces (mainly mirrors but there are others) and I see that in the right light there is a very subtle gold shimmer underneath. Which means I really do get the best of both worlds – and it’s not too over the top for an everyday look.
This seems to work really well with my paler skin tone, because as much as I need the rose colour to give me well, some colour and stop me looking ill, the gold give the little bit of highlight I need too. I think just this little bit of gold makes the world of difference towards giving a subtle contour as well – it actually makes me look like I do have cheekbones which is a pleasant change!
The only thing I am unsure about with the Sleep blush, especially when compared with the MUA one that I have been using, is that it takes quite a lot of product to build up a decent colour. However, I think for me and my aforementioned pale skin, this is sometimes a good thing because you can build up as much or as little colour as you want. Sometimes I just need a touch of colour, other times I really want to show off those new-found cheekbones!
Overall, I would definitely recommend this, mainly for the absolutely gorgeous colour of it. Sleep Make Up do (I think) 4 colours in this range, and the others where quite nice, but did fall more under the browny/golden colour tones more than would ever suit me. But you can find them here if that’s what you like in a blush! It’s definitely got me online shopping for more Sleek products!
Let me know what you think, and any of your Sleek essentials- I want to know what to buy next!

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