Prarie Charms Pizzaz Box

So you know how come payday, for some people the main thing they want is a new pair of shoes, or a handbag, or maybe some makeup? Well don’t get me wrong, all those are pretty high on my list too. But whichever shop I find myself in, the first place I head is to the jewellry counter. It’s my favourite thing. I love how you can have a fairly plain outfit, flamed up with a bright hair bow or oversized necklace.

So when I got an email a few days ago from the work post room to say that I had a parcel arrive for me, I dropped everything sorry Mr Manager  and ran straight down there and hammered on the door.

It’s at this point I should probably tell you that a little while ago I was invited by the lovely, lovely people at Prairie Charms to take part in their Prarire Pizzaz blogger campaign.

So I’m sure you’ve all heard of PinkBox and Birch boxes. This is a similar idea, every month they set up boxes and send them to their Pizzaz subscribers. My favourite part of this is, for £35* you receive £75+ worth of their incredible range. Each month has a different theme and the one I received was Festival themed, which is very apt for this time of year!

I should also say that each box is personalised to the person, so I told them how my favourite colour is green, and that I love floral and that’s clearly reflected in my box!

I was really blown away by how so much clear love and care was put in to every detail of my box, even down to the packaging! Have you ever seen such a lovingly wrapped packages. Such gorgeous paper?!

So firstly let me recommended that ou check out their website, and secondly follow them on Twitter – serious they are like a company full of the nicest people in the world! 

And let’s see what these amazing people sent me – how sweet is it that they’re called Pizzaz Toppings? 

Esme Treat Bags (RRP £4.35) and Verity Paper Straws (RRP £3.50)

Me and R are planning a little BBQ/Garden party for his birthday in a few weeks, and I absolutely cant wait to put these cute straws in a glass of Pimms! I love putting cute little details in when we do things like this, so the straws plus putting sweets or crisps in these little bags to keep the bugs away while people eat should hopefully go down a treat! (see what I did there…?)

Arabella Fringe Faux Suede Pendant (RRP £15) 

This is something that I probably wouldn’t have chosen for myself if I’d had just seen it online, but I, so glad Prarie Charms chose this for me! It’s perfect in its simplicity, and I’m too in love with the shade of pink of the pendant. Really looking forward to wearing this to dress up a simple pair of denim shorts and vest combo!

Erin Blush Floral Trim Garland (RRP £8) 

I’m not sure if I’ve put this together with the right name, but everything else in my boxes matches the names on the cards, so I’m guessing I’m probably just being a bit silly – don’t know if I would call this a flower garland? Apologies to Prarie Charms if I am mixing up your products!!


I promised myself I was going to be a good blogger and photograph everything before I wore it. However with this one I couldn’t resist!

The gorgeous pattern and mix of colours on this means it goes with whatever hair colour I have and I can’t think of a cuter way to get my hair out of my face on hot days. I also adore how on theme this one is – the perfect addition to any festival outfit!

Quinn Liberty London Fabric Updo Hair Wrap (RRP £7.50)

So my hair is finally getting to a length where I can tie it up, and having this beautiful hair wrap is just making me even more excited about that! I love a good hair accessory and the understated retro floral print of this one will go great with a cute summer dress!

Mia Iridescent Czech bracelet duo (RRP £8.75) 

When I was about 13-14 I had a bracelet similar to these, that my Mum found at a random market. I was in love with it and wore it EVERY DAY until one day it snapped and I was devastated. Weirdly, I was actually thinking about that bracelet the day that my Pizzaz box turned up! Clearly fate made me have this in my box and I am just as in love with them as I was my old one. I love how the black beads have just a little bit of sparkle when they catch the sun, and they’re the perfect bracelet for any outfit! 

Cassie Faux Leather Darling Box (RRP £10)

Faux leather is one of my favourite fabrics, but sadly, the skirt and trousers have had to go away since it’s also the stickiest, sweatiness fabric you will ever wear. However, having this bow in my hair means I can wear my favourite fabric, without any heat related drama! Plus it’s in my favourite colour!

Again I cant wait  for my hair to be a little longer so I can rock this beauty with a top knot or Updo, but until then I am wearing it on the side just a little bit forward from my ear (don’t know how else to explain that??) and looking bloody fabulous! 

Lizzie Custom Knot Ties (RRP 10) 

So how absolutely gorgeous, is the green arrow printed fabric one? If I could have an outfit made from this fabric I would wear it EVERY DAY and you know just wash it at night so it wasn’t gross

I’m actually wearing the floral one now, and it really does live up to its no-kink, no-snag promises. My hair breaks quite easily anyway, so no snag is a massive selling point.

I actually had one of these around my wrist yesterday obviously waiting for the moment I needed to tie back my hair and someone actually said, that’s such a gorgeous bracelet! Now that’s so,etching you’d never get with a normal boring hair band! 

Sadly, the last thing on my toppings list was a DottieRocks Gold Foil Postcard print, that seems to be missing from my box, but to be honest, I have been well and truly spoilt by my Pizzaz box, so I can’t complain!

*discounted for members of their blog team.

So what other Prairie Charms things need to be on my wish list? What are you lusting after at the moment?



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