June Favourites

So if you remember from my May favourites post, I was getting excited about getting back into a proper blogging schedule. Well needless to say, that didn’t happen. Somehow with the sun coming out lots of plans have some how arisen and my blogging has fallen by the wayside a little bit.
One of my plans for the upcoming month was to share my new blog schedule with you after I spent a long time putting together a proper calendar so that I don’t just blog ad hoc, but I think to avoid me being a big hypocrite will have to wait until I become a little bit more organised.

But still with plans comes lots of favourites so at least I have lots of things to put in this post!
So let me tell you about June…. 
This month I have been…
The millennium trilogy
In one of the few blog posts I’ve written recently I wrote about how incredible this series is. I, not sure how many people know of it as Millenium, it’s genrally better known as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series.
There is nothing I love better than settling down in the sunshine with a good book, and thse go beyond ‘good book standard’. Each one is just as compelling and addictive as the next, with a plot so intricate that you will struggle out down.
That and there is something about Lisbeth Salander that makes me want to be a kick-ass computer hacker.
Asda skirt 
I only bought this a few weeks ago, but I have struggled to part with it barely long enough to wash it. I have, don’t worry.
If you’re a regular reader you will know I can never turn down a good midi skirt, and with this heat something loose fitting, that generates a little bit of air flow around your legs is exactly what I need.
Plus, who doesn’t adore a good floral pattern?!
As much as I am so, so, so lucky to work in an office which operates a dress down policy, sadly that doesn’t stretch to flip flops. Health and safety and all that.
However that doesn’t mean we can’t wear sandals, which to be honest as a commuter works out much better for me anyway, because really, who can run for a train in flip flops?
These gorgeous river island sandals are cool on the feet, but still sturdy enough for a commuter.
Old mout cider 
Living in birighton, we are really not short of a beer garden or two, and this weather just begs for weekends to be spent drinking yummy cold cider in the sun. Or on the beach. Or pretty much anywhere you can take a bottle of this utter deliciousness.
So I recently had a few days off work and was lucky enough to spend it in Scotland. I stayed for two days in Glasgow and two in Edinburgh. Despite the big debate that you will always prefer one over the other, I seem to be an exception to this rule. I cannot decide which one I preferred. I was lucky enough to have beautiful weather, and even come back prtty tanned! And I got some pretty awesome tartan pajamas!
As much as I had an amazing time away it’s lovely to be back in my adopted home town!  I don’t know whether it’s because it’s a seaside town, or if it’s just brighton in general, but it’s my favourite place to be when the suns out and everyone is just chilling out in the beach and parks!
So, what have you loved about June? And what are you looking forward to in July? Let me know! And I promise to be a better blogger this month!

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