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Normally when Summer comes, my TV pretty much goes off for a few weeks while I go outside and actually enjoy the little bursts of sunshine that we actually manage to get here in the UK. usually, I can’t think of anything worse than sitting indoors in front of the TV while the sun is shining and I could be frolicking in the park (read: laying down in the park, probably reading a book), having a beach barbecue, or enjoying a cold cider in a beer garden.

However, within the last week, two things have happened:

Firstly, the sun seems to have decided that summer is over, and that the rain clouds can come back – Insert sad face here.

Secondly, I became ill. I thought at first I had a cold, then after a 4am visit to the out-of-hours doctor, which I cried for the majority of – I’m so glam sometimes… it turns out I have a pretty bad ear infection. Which means tablets are in and cold ciders in the sun are out.

Therefore the TV, and more importantly Netflix, are back in my life, in a big way. If you follow me on TWitter (which I think you should by the way) then you’ll know that I have spent quite a few evenings this weeks, under a blanket in front of the TV, or reading my Bloglovin’ feed (You can follow me there if you like too!) I really can’t think of anything nicer when you feel a bit rubbish and it’s grey outside!

So what’s been on my watch list?


Pretty Little Liars
I don’t think you can go anywhere in the English speaking world right now and not hear at least one girl gushing about how much she loves this programme and how much you should be watching it. And you should listen to her, because she would be right.

If somehow you’ve managed to escape this, the premise is a group of girls who have drifted apart since their friend Alison went missing. However, when Alison’s body turns up, the girls start getting texts, threatening to spill their deepest darkest secrets; all ‘love from A’.
You’ll be hooked from the start, but the further you get into it, the more twists and turns you take with these girls, you end up wanting to find out who A is just as much as they do. And like everyone else, you’ll end up with a theory on which one of the many suspects actually is A.

I can’t believe that I had never watched this program until recently. As much as I am a big Hugh Laurie fan, hospital dramas don’t normally interest me. However, R insisted we watch this one night and now I am completely hooked!
Once again, there is probably no way that you haven’t at least heard of this show, even if you haven’t watched it – although you probably have since it was apparently the most watched TV show of 2008. But the idea is Dr House, a sarcastic, bitter doctor, with a leg injury and a painkiller addiction, solves the mysteries of patients that no other doctor can work out how to treat.
It’s tense, interesting and (my favourite part) bursting with dark humour.

The Help
I haven’t actually watched this one yet, but since I am probably going to spend the weekend sofa bound this is definitely going to be watched. There are two main reasons I am so interested in this film – Firstly, the novel is one I have read hundreds of times and it never fails to make me laugh, cry and be amazed, sometimes all at the same time.
And secondly, Emma Stone is one of my favourite actresses ever. There are very few who could do this incredible role justice, and I’m really hoping she pulls it off.
I’ll let you know what I think when I get round to watching this one!

The Returned
There are two versions of this show on Netflix – the original French version, known as ‘Les Revenants’ and the American remake. If you can deal with subtitles (I know a lot of people hate them) then I would thoroughly recommend the French version.
Set in a small town in France, Les Revenants centers around a group of families who five years ago lost their children, when a school bus disappeared into a ravine. The families are resurrecting a monument and slowly starting to rebuild their lives; until a girl from the crash returns – unharmed and un-aged. Her return is just the first of many of those who have died tragically in the town.
This one is both chilling and a real tear-jerker, that will get you questioning families, relationships, and how it feels to get something back that you wanted so badly.
Oh, and get in there quickly, because Season 2 starts soon.

Life on Mars
An old BBC favourite, that it took me a long time to realise was actually on Netflix. Since it’s a little bit old now, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it.
Sam Tyler, a Police Officer gets hit by a car in 2005, when he wakes up, hes in 1973, and hes desperate to get back.
I love the clothes, the music and the lack of technology that comes with a seventies setting, and I think this is done really well in the fact that it’s as funny as it is confusing. Sam doesn’t know if hes in a coma, if hes hallucinating, or if somehow he has time traveled. Just make sure you have tissues at the ready for the final episode.

So, what on my list do you love, or loathe? And what are your Netflix favourites recently? Don’t forget to let me know, I really need some more to add to my list!


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