May Favourites

Well, let’s start this in the usual way with me saying I can’t believe it’s time for a monthly favourites post all over again!
May has been a bit of a hectic month for me, and with being ill (a few times), lots of birthdays and parties and even a festival, and lots going on at work, I’ve been a bit rubbish at posting. But with June will (hopefully) come the sun and lots more things to blog about!


So, let me tell you about, this month…




I’ve really been on a roll with reading, and picking some absolutely incredible books this month, but the two I absolutely have to tell you about are;


Room by Emma Donaghue
This book has been out a long time, and has been getting 5 star reviews by I’m pretty sure every single person who picks it up.
If you don’t know, the story starts on Jack’s 5th birthday, in the Room he and his Ma live in. And by live in, I mean spend every single waking second in, and have never left. Donaghue has a beautifully dark way of using the child narrator to help the reader discover things that even Jack himself does not know. I was utterly hooked from start to finish. Just make sure you’re not on a train like I was at the end, because crying on a commuter train is not a good look!


Before I go to sleep – S.J Watson
This is again a book that I can’t believe I didn’t get to sooner. The plot revolves around Christine, who wakes up every morning with no memory of the last twenty years, sometimes more. For something that could have been done very cliché, Watson has a unique way of making it seem simple, which makes it all the more complicated. The tension builds slowly but surely, and the twist at the end will leave you doubting even your own version of events.



Matalan Floral Trousers
With Spring finally coming in, but the chill still not completely out of the air these floral trousers are the perfect answer to keeping warm enough, but not too warm in jeans and boots. The floral print gives a great summery feel and since they feel a little bit like you’re wearing pyjamas it’s a great way to stay stylish and super cosy. For lazy days, I add a simple black or pink tee and flip flops, or a black shirt for a more formal look.


As a commuter who often has to run full speed across an airport – and when I say run, I actually mean do a full out assault course over and under holiday makers and their giant suitcases, the trainer trend is probably the best thing to ever happen to me. I am lucky enough to have a dress down policy in the office too, so I’ve been keeping comfy – and speedy – in these mint green Nike beauties!




Cadbury Chocolate Yoghurts 
Okay, I had to look up what these things are actually called, because I wasn’t really sure how to describe it. But for anyone who has been living under a rock for the last 15-20 years these little pots of joy have one section of the pot for a chocolately creamy yoghurt and the other part has little pieces of which ever chocolate bar you pick. They come in loads of different varieties, but the Freddo faces ones a personal favourite! I seem to be constantly craving chocolate lately, and these are a great way to rationalise that I’m not really eating real chocolate! I seem to have somehow developed a bit of an obsession…




Benefit They’re Real Mascara

This is a recent rebuy from a few years back and to be honest I’d forgotten how much I loved it! I recently wrote about how this is a great way to wake up tired looking eyes, and with everything going on I’ve definitely needed it. Plus, it makes your lashed long and dark but not clumpy, so it’s an absolute essential for a glam night out!


Bank Holidays
One of my favourite things about May, aside the fact that the sun has actually started to come out a bit, is all the bank holidays that come around. An extra day in the weekend in defintily needed, and I will really be missing them for the next few months. Roll on the next one…


Getting excited about…
Going to Scotland

In a few weeks’ time I have a few days in Glasgow and Edinburgh booked and I have definitely spend far too long recently reading hundreds of travel blogs and making lists of all the things I want to see and do. Plus, I hear the shopping is great. So keep an eye out for a few travel related posts that will be appearing here soon!


Getting back into a proper blogging schedule
As I said before I’ve been really rubbish with keeping to a proper blogging schedule recently, and to be honest I’ve really missed putting my thoughts to paper (screen?) every few days. I’m also excited about getting my game back on with the blogger Twitter chats because they are really invaluable when it comes to making blogger friends and just learning more stuff in general.


So, let me know what you’ve been loving in May, and what you’re looking forward to in June!


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