Lush Oxford Street Haul

One of the many things that me and my sister have in common is our quite severe Lush addictions. So when we found out that they were opening a flagship store in Oxford Street (with Limited Edition products!) it was pretty clear that there was no one else in the world I could go there with – at least if I wanted to remain talking to her!So annoyingly, with the hectic lives we both lead, and sadly living 50 miles away from each other it’s taken us a little while to find a free day for us to meet and get to London. But last weekend we finally made it – even if with the state of the trains and tubes it didn’t look like we were going to at first.

Although we went for a day of shopping, we knew Lush had to be our first shop – partly because we were so excited to see it, partly because then we would know if we actually had any money left for shopping the rest of the day! 

I can honestly say my jaw dropped when we stepped in! The store is 3 stories high, with most of the general lush products on the ground floor. The basement floor is home to one of the infamous Lush spas – which I WILL get to one day. The top floor is full of bath bombs, gift sets and a huge table where you can play with Fun – the product that you can do everything with. Including using it as play doh!


There were several things about this store that made me want to up and move to London so I could shop here every weekend;
Firstly, there was so many products. The limited edition ones have clearly been so well thought out, and truly tailored to what their customers want. I honestly wanted to buy everything.

Secondly, there were product demos going on left, right and centre. Anything you wanted to try out the staff were more than happy to pull out a sink full of water and show you the best things about each thing and how to use it – which we all know can be a problem with so many revolutionary products.

Although, I think the best thing I found – and this may be because we spent nearly a full hour going round looking at every single product and deciding what we needed and what we could (sadly) live without, but the signature Lush smell. You know that one that means you can sense a store from 20 feet away? It stuck to us so that every time I moved or put a hand or my hair to my face it was still there.

I don’t know if this is me being too much of an addict, but it made the excitement of all my new products come and go the whole day!

So, after much, much, much deliberation and the devastating realisation that I had less money to spend than I thought, I came away with a few limited edition products. Mainly because I knew I would never forgive myself if I went all that way and didn’t come away with the things I couldn’t buy anywhere else!


Comforter Shower Gel

I’d seen quite few other bloggers writing about this, and it was one of the things I was most excited about. The comforter bubble baths are one of my favourite products, and there is always one hanging around in my bathroom, ready for a day when I need it. I was so excited to find out that the sweet, unique bubble bar smell has been perfectly replicated in this shower gel. I am really intrigued to see if this lathers up as well as the bubble bars create bubbles. But it’s just nice to know I’ll be able to have this little treat of comfort(er?) now even when I only have change to hop in the shower.

Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gel

According to the bottle, this shower gel is scented with chocolate orange. However, both me and my sister said we thought it was more coconut mushrooms – if you remember those sweets? But without the overpowering coconut. Either way, it’s a really sweet treat guaranteed to perk up groggy mornings – even the colour of it makes you feel more awake!


Intergalatic Bath Bomb

This is actually the only product from my haul that I have used so far – and its made me wish I bought more than one of these!
Made with peppermint and popping candy, this is truly something to put you in a better mood after a long day. Or even better to get you glittering and smelling great before a night out. Before you pop it in the bath the mint smell is a little overpowering, but once it melts – explodes is probably a more appropriate word for the fizzing excitement of watching this thing go – the smell calms to a serene lingering scent that is really refreshing.

Just a word of warning – there is a LOT more glitter in here than there looks. So make sure you save yourself a few minuites to wash down the bath after you get out. Unless you like your bath a gold glitter colour – and who could blame you if you did!


Double Vitality Solid Bath Oil

I’ve always been more of a bubble bath (or bubble bar) girl than a bath oil one. But all the different scents and textures that these solid bath oils came in just got me really intruiged. The texture of it as a solid does feel a little greasy, but I am sure once it merges with the water it means that you will really be able to feel the luxury of the oil – and it feels like it would really soften up your skin. I’ll keep you posted.
There was so, so, so many of these to choose from, and I think the only reason I didn’t come away with them all was that I was unsure how much I would like bath oil. But the lemon and mint infused scent, and quirky design of this one meant I just couldn’t resist.

My sister purchased raspberry scented ones, which were just ball-shaped and covered in pink glitter. They looked and smelt good enough to eat! (She may be losing a few then next time I pop to her house…)


Braziliant Solid Shampoo bar

If you read my review of the Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo bar, you will know how much I love these little things! They take up so much less room in your bathroom than shampoo bottles (which means room for other yummy products) and are even great for washing make up brushes!
I did very nearly repurchase Jason and the Argan Oil, but with so many of these to choose from, I thought it would be rude not to try something different.

Have you been to the Oxford Street store yet? Was there anything which I missed out on that I should have got?




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