Make up for tired eyes…

Life has ways of getting a little hectic something which means sadly we cannot always get as much sleep as we need.

I mean with friends to catch up with, weekends that don’t last long enough, and let’s be honest here, entire seasons of Breaking Bad to watch all in one evening sometimes getting up the next morning is a little more painful than it should be.

The last few days getting up in the morning and getting an early night have been getting increasingly difficulty, so I’ve getting quite practiced with my make up routine to cover up the fact that I’m probably about to nod off at any moment, so I thought I would share with you – before I head to my bed so that I don’t have to use it again tomorrow!


Botanics Hydrating Eye Roll On – £8.99

I always start with this eye cream when I am tired, and to be honest it’s an absolute god send when it comes to soothing puffy eyes and reducing dark circles. When I remember which annoyingly isn’t very often, I pop it in the fridge before I go to bed because the coolness not only helps with puffiness, but also wakes you up a little bit more too. I know this doesn’t really count as make up, but it’s definitely a great way to give you the best base possible when trying to look less tired!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer – £5.49

So now to tackle those dark circles – I mentioned in my review of this product that even from my first application of this product that I was amazed at how well it covers dark patches under eyes, which makes it perfect for covering up sleepiness. I tend to apply this under my foundation, once again to try and give the best base possible – plus despite the fact that the colour match on this is great, putting it under foundation stops it being overly obvious that you’ve had to slather your face in concealer to stop looking like a panda!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – £7.99

Once again, I’ve already mentioned in a previous review what great coverage this foundation gives, and I tend to find that my skin gets a bit yucky in general when I haven’t had enough sleep, so it’s good that this can be used to cover a multitude of sins!  Plus, it evens out anywhere that I’ve had to go a bit overboard with the concealer.

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer – £4.99

So, you may be luckier than I am, and not look like you’re sporting two black eyes when you’re tired, so another under eye concealer might be overkill for you. Sadly, I am not that lucky. As much as the Lasting Finish Concealer really does do the job, since this is a highlighting concealer it does help take the final edge off the dark circles and reduce the appearance of puffiness just that last little bit. It also blends in really well, which helps with not looking like you’ve had to use two kinds of concealer to cover up under your eyes even though you actually have.

GOSH 9 Shades – New York – £9.99

The last thing you want to do after spending time brightening up your eyes, is apply a dark smokey eye and put yourself back at square one. So I tend to use the coral or lilac shades that this palette does so well to keep the bright fresh feeling going.

On a separate note, if you are doing a smokey eye, the grey shadows in this palette are perfect. Which is why I tend to keep this in my bag for what-ever-the-occasion touch ups!

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – £19.50

I don’t normally use this mascara on for a daytime look, because I think for just an office day it looks a little bit over the top. However, if you have sleepy, slightly droopy eyes, the extra length that this mascara does such a great job of giving really makes your eyes look more open and brighter. Plus it can’t just be me that feels a little bit better with just a touch of added glam on a sleepy day!

So on that note, I’m going to head to bed and get rid of these dark circles the natural way. But in the mean time, let me know what you think of my tired eyes make up routine, and of course send any tips you have on looking a little less sleepy in the morning!


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