Because it’s okay if

So it can’t just be me who is fed up of all the negativity going around lately, right!?

I’m fed up of reading online and magazine articles on how I can be a better person, how I can travel more, how I can have better sex, wear better make up, eat better, dress better, blah blah blah.

Now don’t get me wrong, in certain situations this stuff is great. Everyone looks online for advice on health, style, relationships and to be honest life in general. And it’s really helpful – if you’re going out of your way to look for it. But having it forced down your throat to an extent where you feel bad if you’re not in the greatest relationship of all time, seeing friends every weekend or eating healthy three meals a day then heading to the gym after work – isn’t good for anybody.

I’m talking here about the little things that feel so much bigger at the time, the everyday things. The things where your co-worker is eating a chicken salad while watching you stuffing your face with a meatball subway, because it’s hump day and you’re tired and ravenous and the only thing that’s going to fill that hole is unhealthy food.

And probably the most important thing I’ll say in this article, these are the tongue in cheek things. I, in no way want to upset anyone who writes those articles, because like I mentioned, I do believe they have a very strong purpose online. However, in a society of fat-shaming, homophobia, and whatever it’s called when you call or make someone feel anything less than beautiful, sometimes it’s nice to be told it’s okay to not be perfect.  And to be honest, even if you were, ta lot of people would still hate you for it.

So here is my (non-exhaustive) list of

Because it’s okay if(s)….

If you don’t want to do the washing up for a few days – those dishes will still be dirty when you get round to it, so who cares? 

If you skip the gym one, twice, three times – because laying on the sofa in front of netflix is much more fun anyway. 


Or, if you DONT skip the gym. If you enjoy working out, you go and work out! 

If you and your partner have an arguement  or five. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, and no matter how much you love each other, there’ll still be times when you want to punch them. 


If you don’t put on make up everyday of your life. Sometimes there’s better ways to spend half an hour.


If all you want is a pizza, garlic bread, wedges and fried chicken. Salad will still be there tomorrow! 


If you’re single, when it seems like everyone else is coupled up, or you’re in a relationship when it seems like everyone else is single.

If you don’t go to the party/club/bar crawl/rave that everyone else is going to. If you go when you don’t want to, you’ll probably have a crap time anyway.


If you haven’t been travelling. For some people, the best place to ‘find yourself’ is at home with a cup of tea. 


If you do want to travel. Jobs, money, friendships and your own bed can still be found when you get back. Or in another country. 


If you can’t walk in heels. Those women who say they find them more comfortable? THEY’RE LYING! Slippers wouldn’t have been invented otherwise, right?


If you’re (delete as appropriate) petite, curvy, fat, thin, medium build, short, tall, average height, blonde, brunette, blue, short hair, long hair, shoulder length hair (you get my point). Get these fat shaming, skinny shaming and ‘why should date a girl who/with’ posts out of my life please. 


I should probably stop with this list, or it’ll end up way too long. But keep an eye out because I’ll probably be updating it, when new things annoy me.

And of course, let me know what’s on your ‘because it’s okay if…’ List!


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