2015 Mid-Year Review

Well, a few days ago as I was writing my May favourites post I started thinking how quickly this year has gone, how it doesn’t seem that long ago that I started writing monthly favourite posts, yet May’s will be the fourth one!


Then it dawned on me that while I remember writing my New Year’s Resolution post, I don’t actually recall what those resolutions where – and obviously don’t know I’ve actually done them!

To be honest, this is why every year before I haven’t really bothered making resolutions, because by mid-February I can’t remember what they were in the first place, let alone actually completed any of them – but this year I thought maybe if I blogged about them and actually had a post as a reference I could look them back up every now and then – I guess I was half right on that one.


So, since we are now officially in the sixth month of the year, which means pretty much half way through, I thought now would be a good time to check in, remind myself and see if I have actually managed to do the things that ‘January Me’ wanted out of 2015…


The main ones were


Take better care of my skin
Okay, I would give myself half a point for this one. I can’t honestly say that I am overly nice to my skin lately, but I am definitely a lot nicer than I was this time last year. I’m getting better at taking my make up off at night, and I even manage to moisturise a few days a week. Plus I have my handy Lush Oatifix on hand if things get really bad. So maybe in the next six months I’ll be able to up that to a proper real routine!


Actually use my diary.
I don’t think I could have failed this more spectacularly. I wrote a few things down, back in January and then lost my diary. Funnily enough I actually stumbled across it about 3 weeks ago, wrote maybe one more thing in it and then lost it again. But there’s still six months left to find it and actually use it! Right?


Make more things
Once again I probably get maybe half a point for this. Yes, it is true that I haven’t actually got my (still new) sewing machine out and set it up properly yet, which was a lot of the premise behind this resolution. However, I think the other idea behind it was to generally be more creative, and I can say I have been drawing more, baking more aaaaand (mainly thanks to this blog) taking lots more photographs. So half a point I think is more than well deserved!


Go self hosted
Well, this is the first one I can say I have 100% fully completed, and (after the drama that was getting it set up) I am so glad I did. it’s so nice having my own domain, and just makes a lot of things easier when it comes to having my blog the way I want it!


Now for the little things;


Travel more: Yes
Read more: I’m not reading less.
Laugh more: Yes
Spend more quality time with R: Yes
Try more hair colours: Yes
Finally get the pictures up in the living room: Nope
Throw away some crap: Threw some out, gained some more.


Well it seems clear that I have done better with the little things, than I have with the big things, especially the more fun ones. Maybe I should learn and only set tiny resolutions next year.

Overall I’m just pleased, because I think this is the first time I can honestly say that I’ve even thought about New Year’s Resolutions past the end of January, and this year I’ve even completed a few! And it’s so nice to have a recap, because just maybe, it’ll help me!


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