Things that have been making me smile.

Last week was a long week. I was stressed out, increasingly grumpy and generally not a very happy bunny. So I took a few days off blogging, a few days to clear my head and change my perspective on life a little bit.

Luckily, the grass is starting to seem a little greener. So today, instead of whinging about the things that have made me grumpy, I’m going to concentrate on the things that made me smile instead – and maybe even cheer up some of you as well!

Summer is finally on it’s way

Okay – maybe I’m being a little preemptive on the summer happiness, but at the very least Spring is well and truly here! It’s finally the weather of sandals and not having to wear a coat! Stepping out of the house, into the sunshine or just the fact that it’s still light enough to sit outside when I get home from work has really been making me smile. And the best part is, we still have a few months of enjoying it to go!

Trying new make up looks

This is probably a case of mind over matter, but I always feel like when I feel rubbish, I look rubbish as well. My skin gets all blotchy, dry and greyish – which obviously makes me feel worse. So playing around with some new make up or even just spending a few more minutes on my face in the morning, not only makes me look better, but in turn makes me feel a hell of a lot better too.

Having a catch up with my Mum

I have always been really close to my Mum – shes pretty much my favourite person in the world, and living 60 miles away from her is really hard sometimes, especially since we both live busy lives and don’t always have a huge amount of time to catch up. But this week I decided to appreciate the fact that just a quick text or phone call from someone you love can really make you smile when you’re feeling down.

Letting loose a little bit

It had been quite a while since I had a really silly, messy, drunken night with the best girlies.  Now I’m not going to lie and say I’ve been stone cold sober for months, but it really has been a while since I properly just let loose and let my hair down without worrying about what I have to do the next day, or spending too much money etc, etc, etc. Although, in some ways, it’s better that this stays an occasional thing, it really had been a long time since I laughed that much in one evening!

Onesie, Facemask, Netflix and Wine

It’s also been a long time since I’ve had an entire evening with nothing to do. Which means last week, I blew off working late and left a blog post behind, put my onesie and a face mask on and just laid on the sofa in front of the TV for an evening. I don’t think I took enough notice at the time, probably because I was in a bad mood but it was actually lovely to just enjoy the time to myself.

Watching my brother complete the Brighton Marathon

Obviously I have known this has been coming for a while – but I hadn’t realised how incredible the day would be – the best part obviously being watch my big brother cross the line. It was lovely spending time with my Sister-in-Law, and take part in the incredible atmosphere, which is way more contagious than you’d first think. I clapped until my hands hurt and screamed myself hoarse.  And, honestly when he crossed the finish line I thought I was going to burst with pride. And serious congratulations to anyone else who participated!

One last thing – in an effort to make a few more of you smile this week, I’m going to be sending out some #ShareLove tweets, so keep your eyes peeled, because there may be one coming for you! That and just let me know what’s been making you happy this week!


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