March in Review

Well how time flies! I’m pretty sure I say this at the start of every month, but how is it April already? Sadly, the end of March marks the end of Review Month, but I had a lot of fun reviewing lots of products, and I’m certain the reviewing will not stop there.

So, aside review month, let me tell you what’s been going on in March….


So, this month I have been…


GOSH 9 Shades to enjoy in New York 01 – £9.99

I know last month I was all about the lipsticks, but after feeling the winter blues a bit, I’ve been taken back to the smokey eye more than a bright lip. I picked this palette up on a whim in Superdrug and I have been really impressed. The colour isn’t the best I have seen, but provides great build up and is lovely to blend – which makes it a great palette for building up an understated smokey eye for a work day, or something a bit more stand out for an evening. I think the purple shades will be something I’ll be using more come spring – but I’ll keep you updated on that one.

Vans Slip Ons – prices vary see the full range here

Like I said I have been feeling really, really, REALLY bored of winter recently, so anything to add a bit of Spring to my life has been on top of the list. Thankfully, the weather has warmed up just a tad – but enough to ditch those winter boots – FINALLY!

I’ve had my leopard print Van’s slip ons for a few years now – they were an absolute bargain on ebay, but the last week or so I’ve been eyeing them up in pretty much every colour. They’re enough to still keep your feet warm and dry in the lovely British Spring weather, but also add a little bit of colour and fun to a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Library of Frangrance Perfume – Gin and Tonic – £15

Since it was my birthday this month, I was lucky enough to receive a little bit of cash that didn’t have to be spent on boring things like rent and bills. So when I popped into my local Boots and saw the Library of Fragrance Scents as 2 for £25 I could barely contain myself.

They have pretty much every scent you can think of – and some that you’d never think would be a perfume – and they all smell absolutely amazing. So it took quite a bit of deliberation; but eventually I decided on Gin & Tonic and Rain. It’s probably best that I don’t start telling you about how much I love a G&T, but I think its probably one of the most refreshing things you’ll ever smell, and same for the smell of rain. Putting one of these on in the morning really does add a spark of happiness to my day!


Stylist Magazine – you can read online here

I’m not sure if this is cheating a little bit, since this was under my reading section for February’s review as well. But since I’ve been a bit too busy to actually get any book reading in this month, it would be a lie to say I’ve been reading anything else.

Plus, I can’t give enough credit to the writers of this magazine; both the Kim K article and the Zooey Deschanel interview are beautifully written and really interested me this month.


At Il Bistro, Brighton – Visit their website

I genuinely can’t believe I’ve lived in Brighton for nearly a year and not eaten here until recently. I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant. It’s quite small, not so that everyone is sat on top of each other but enough to make the atmosphere intimate and friendly. The food is absolutely incredible, I can’t remember anytime in the past that I have tasted fishcakes better – all at a really reasonable price. On top of all this, the service is friendly, but not intrusive to your meal. Pretty much everything I look for in a restaurant and more! If you ever find yourselves in Brighton – I cannot recommend this place enough!

Lusting after…

Well Lush products in general. I have always been a bit of a Lush addict, but I did a bit of a haul recently, and did a Shampoo bar review and a Oatifix Facemask Review – and these have just reminded me why I want to buy everything in the shop.

But the two things I’m mainly after are the Comforter Bubble Bar – a candy scented bar that makes your baths both full of bubbles and smelling good enough to drink and Ayesha Facemask; A face mask that is meant to even out skintone and leave skin smooth and moistened. I know I won’t be able to resist the urge to do a Lush haul for much longer, so keep your eyes peeled for a review of these!


My new hair colour – Hot Pink from Ion Colour Flash – £3.99

Sadly, the sun, sea and swimming pool chlorine of holidaying forced a very quick goodbye to what was left of the red in my hair. So when I got back I thought I’d have a little fun and go bright pink again – and I love it! This is a really bright, fun hair colour and despite how bright it is, actually lasts pretty well.

Getting excited about…

Booking another holiday

I know me and R have only been back in the country all of about a week and a half, but stepping on a place really reignited my wanderlust. So I can’t wait to be out of the country again soon. Budapest keeps coming up, so maybe that will be next on the list.

Let me know what you’ve been loving in March, and what you think of mine and here’s to hoping we all have an equally awesome April!


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  1. I have always wanted to visit Budapest! Would be an amazing place to go 🙂 sounds like you have had a great month. Where does all the time fly off to? xx

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