Lip Products I’m Loving Lately

Well what a beautiful sunny day it’s been! It’s been so nice to not have to wear a jumper, or tights, and be able to sit outside in the sunshine to have lunch with some work people.

With the change in the weather has also come a change in my day-to-day make up. In Winter all I want is heavy foundation to cover that pasty skin and dark eyes to match the weather.

Yet, happily now, we welcome Spring, pastels, nudes, and a little less foundation to get the tan going. And a few fun new lip products that have made their way into my Spring make up bag!


I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long hard struggle to find the perfect lip products. Something that is a neutral enough shade to wear to work, but also has enough shimmer and colour to even out the neutral eyes that I like to wear in Spring.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 210 Fancy I bought from Superdrug for £6.49

I spent hours and hours wandering the shops trying out pretty much every single shade of lipstick trying to find exactly what I wanted and finally I found it with this one! Although, Rimmel have such a huge range of shades, I’m pretty sure anyone could find the colour they’re looking for! It’s also got just enough of a shimmer to add a little glamour to a paler neutral shade, but without being too over the top for the office.

After having such a great experience with Maybelline’s lipsticks (you can read my review of that here) I wasn’t sure if this Rimmel one would live up to my expectations. But it did 100%!

It’s called Moisture Renew lipstick, and it does exactly what it says on the tin tube. At this time of year with sun and wind still coming around, it’s prime time for lips to get chapped and horrible. But this has the creamy moisture of a balm, with the colour and amazing staying power of any high quality lipstick!

Seventeen Lip Lustre in Talk Talk£3.99 from Boots.

I am a big fan of lip gloss, purely just to add a little extra shimmer to an otherwise fairly neutral look; and this gloss is perfect for that. It’s almost the exact same shade as the Rimmel lipstick – but with a little bit more glittery shimmer. It’s great to have in my bag just in case of impromptu after works drinks or even just wanting a little pick me up for my make up.

Iwould say my big downfall for this lip gloss, is that when you first apply it, it does come out a little sticky, but this goes away when it dries after a few minutes, so it’s not too much of a problem. Plus, this is a common lip gloss problem, so you can’t blame it too much.

For my normal morning make up routine, I have been applying the lipstick and then just a small dab of the Lip Lustre in the centre of my bottom lip, to add a little shine and volume to my lips.

Does your make up change a lot from Winter to Spring? Whats been the brand – and colour on your lips lately? Let me know!


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