Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat

Considering I spend a huge amount of my day typing, am a self-confessed finger-chewer, and generally can’t keep my hands still, painting my nails and expecting the polish to still be there at the end of the day is sometime a tad of an over-expectation.

Due to this I always base and top coat my nails in hope of keeping that colour there a little bit longer than I could normally expect.

I was recently recommended everything from the Sally Hansen nail polish range, so when I saw the Double Duty Base & Top Coast in Boots for a fab £5.25 I couldn’t resist trying it out!


According to the Boots website (link above);

“You have: Nails that chip or break. Manicures that fade and wear away

You Will Get: Long-lasting manicures with brilliant, high-gloss shine.”

Well it seems due to the ‘You have’ bit that I picked the right one, which is a good start. After having acrylics on and off for about the last 5 years my nails are SO prone to snapping, shattering, losing layers and generally being weak. I’ve been using this under and over my nail polish for about the last 2 weeks and I will say my nails actually seem to be the strongest they’ve been in a long, long, long time. They’ve even actually managed to grow a little bit, since I haven’t broken them all over and over again.

I also agree with the statement of the brilliant high gloss shine. Apologies, I thought I was all organised this morning and took pictures of the actual product and then now it’s really dark in my house I realise I don’t have a picture of my actual nails (bad blogger, Bowie!) so I can’t actually show you, but please take my word for it, that it seems to form like a hard clear shiny, shiny shell over your nails – making them look slightly like they’ve been gel manicured – but without the price tag or a large amount of time.

It also dries really quickly, which considering I struggle to sit down and wait for nail polish to dry is always a plus point in my opinion!

I’m honestly in two minds about the long-lasting part. I will say for sure that my mani’s definitely last longer than with any other top coat I have tried, but I still don’t really manage to keep it longer than a working week – is this just me having too high expectations?

However, one of my favourite points about this is, when you do sadly lose a nails worth of varnish, instead of chipping and slowly losing it teeny piece at a time –  a personal pet hate – it seems to lift and peel in one whole chunk. Yes, this does mean that occasionally I come home from work with 9 perfectly painted nails and one thats bare, but it also means that I don’t have 10 nails that are painted here and there and all shattered and horrible looking! You win some, you lose some…

Plus, this means that firstly, it’s really easy to remove when you do want to, and secondly the under-shell (that’s a thing now) means that darker nail varnishes don’t leave that horrible grubby discolouration on your nails that you often get.

I think purely for the issue of it not being as long-lasting as I would perhaps like I would give this product an 8 out of 10 – but then I would also say this is probably the best base & top coast I have tried. Unless something truly miracle worthy that can keep my nail polish there for weeks comes along I will definitely be continuing to use this when I paint my nails and wold also purchase again.

Let me know if you’ve use this product, or if you know of the miracle top coat that I’m after!



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