MUA Lipstick and Blusher Review

Despite all the hype, the hundreds of tweets, reviews etc that I have read about MUA, somehow until a few weeks ago I had never actually bought any of their products.

I often find probably because I’m bad with money that either I really want a product I can’t afford, or that I just really resent paying the prices that some make up companies feel they can charge those of us who want to look good – I agree a lot of the time you’re paying for quality, but I think quality can be bought for a lot less than some are selling it for!

I was really pleased with most of the Make Up Revolution items I picked up a few months ago (review here) and considering MUA stuff is a similar price I was really looking forward to seeing how their quality compared.

 So on a whim the other day in Superdrug, – needing new blusher – I decided to find out what all the hype was about.

I wanted a blush that was actually a pink/red – I find a lot of blushes I’ve tried recently have like browny gold undertones, which in my opinion is what you buy bronzer for?

The MUA stand with their lovely range of rosy pink and red blushers caught my eye – and I chose the shade Bubblegum – here for just ONE POUND!

I’ve mentioned a few times recently about how I am suddenly an avid lipstick wearer – my collection of lipsticks has quadrupled in the last month – I can’t seem to pass a make up counter without picking one up – and this day was no exception – I picked up the Mua lipstick in Bliss – but since that was only £1 too I can’t really blame myself.

I’ve been using this blush for a few weeks with my daily work look – with tinted windows and the fluorescent lights in the office a little bit of colour in your cheeks is definitely needed to stop you looking all washed out and a little bit sick.
Overall – especially for how much it cost I am really pleased.
The colour that it comes out at is almost perfect to the shade that it looks in the packaging, and it lasts really, really well. My healthy rosy glow is still there at the end of the working day – which I am pretty pleased with.
As someone who does her make up on the train, having sturdy packaging that actually stays closed (no one wants crumbled up blusher staining the inside of their handbag!) is a gift from the Gods!
I’m sure you can see from the pictures but the lid has a small hole which clicks into a catch on the bottom part which means, yes it’s a little stiff to open at first but it sure as hell stays closed when you want it to.
The only problem that I have with this blusher is because it is so highly pigmented you only need a very, very, VERY small amount to give you a rosy glow. I’m thinking touch your brush the lightest you can imagine into it and then blow off a little excess just to sure you don’t end up looking like a rag-doll did your make up.
I mean this doesn’t sound like it should be a problem – in fairness it’s great because I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’ve barely even made a dent! But sadly, especially the first time I used this, it’s easy to get it a little bit wrong. And like I said before, cheeks THAT red should be reserved for your rag-dolls ladies!
Overall I’m pretty happy with, and as long as I can keep the extreme light-handedness up, it’s something I’ll definitely be buying again.
The lipstick however I wasn’t as pleased with at all.
From the colour on the bottom of the tube, I pictured as like a muted, rosy pink. However the actual colour of it
Apologies, the lighting was really bad when I took the photos for this – so can’t 100% see the proper shade – 
was much much brighter, like a fuchsia? This would probably be a nice colour – especially for spring/summer on someone with a slighter darker skin tone than me, but sadly this makes my skin look really pale and washed out. It’s also not really an appropriate colour for day to day, which is what I was originally hoping for.
Sadly, the couple of times i did try and make it work, the staying power was pretty much the worst I’ve experienced in lipsticks. I think it lasted all of about ten minutes.
On the plus side – the texture was really creamy which meant it didn’t feel dry of dry my lips out afterwards either.Just sadly not really a product I would bother trying a different shade of.
I’ve heard some really great things about MUA, and if their blush is anything to go by, I would definitely buy their eyeshadows and see what they’re like. I’ve heard good things!
Let me know which MUA products you love it don’t love as much, and as always, let me know what you think!


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