Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

I can’t believe we are well over half way through review month! Hows everyone enjoying it? I’ve got to say reviews were not something I’d really written before and I’m finding it really fun to write about what I think about stuff. Plus it’s a good excuse to do lots of shopping…

Another really exciting thing is that with April comes the 6 month anniversary of this blog! Wooo, I’ve made it this far!

But for now…

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review


My shade is 115 – Ivory – you can buy it from Boots for £7.99

Before I tried this I had mixed thoughts on whether I was going to like it or not. I have read good and bad reviews, and quite a few saying that it was good for oily skin, but not so great for dry. As some one with very dry skin it’s quite hard to find a liquid foundation which doesn’t go cakey, and patchy. Especially considering compared to a lot of high quality brands I think £7.99 is really cheap!

That aside, I always find Maybelline’s products to be really great value, and work really well for their low price. (read about how much I love their lipstick!)

One of the main problems a lot of other beauty bloggers seemed to be having was that it didn’t come with a pump, it was just a bottle – but they have fixed that now – I love a brand that actually takes feedback and makes their products better!

According to the Maybelline website;

The secret of Fit Me Foundation? Some waxes and fillers can mask your skin colour, Fit Me Foundation has none. Its transluscent gel based formula merges seamlessly with your skin.

I’m never too sure if I believe the hype of foundations which are meant to match magically with you skin. But one of the things I do like about this range is that their foundations, powders and concealers are all numbered as to which go together. Which in theory means you only have to colour match one product and then you can just go and buy all three. It can’t just be me that hates standing around at a make up counter trying to decide which colour matches the best?

I haven’t tried the other products in this range yet, but I do find that the colour match on the foundation is really great. It sinks into the skin leaving a smooth flawless finish without any of that horrible, awful, terrible, line around your ears, chin etc. Maybe the hype really is to be believed? Or maybe I just colour matched well?

The finish you are left with is smooth and matte, and as much as red patches and blotchiness are all covered, it still leaves a slight impression of the natural lighter/darker areas of your face, meaning you look natural and not too made up. Yes, of course I just got out bed looking this flawless and smooth, thank you…

Now comes the biggest test! Staying power!

I can’t stand make up of any kind that looks absolutely perfect when you first apply it, but within a few hours has disappeared, leaving you look just as blotchy and crappy as when you did get out of bed. Like I said before with my skin being so dry I find that certain foundations sink into all the patches on my face so after a few hours I’m left with certain patches drier and darker and looking cakey.

I can’t honestly say that I think is a foundation that you could wear for 24 hours and still look flawless. Do people actually NEED their make up to stay on for that long anyway?

However I have been wearing this for about a month now, and at the end of each working day, of after a night out it’s still looking pretty spot on! Or at the very least my face isn’t patchy and gross and still looks nice and smooth. I think for the price you pay for this expecting much more than that would be a little overzealous!

Soooo, I would give the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation a solid 8.5 out of 10 (9 felt a little too high, 8 felt a little too mean), but the only slight flaw I can see is the not quite perfect staying power. I have already recommended this to friends and to a few other beauty bloggers on Twitter, and I will definitely be purchasing again!

So, let me know if you’ve used this product before, or other favourites from the Maybelline range. I’m always looking for something new to try/review!



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