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I wasn’t actually planning on doing a Lush review for my second post of Review Month, however, as a self-confessed Lush addict after doing a little haul last weekend I couldn’t resist!

I picked up a few things, this weekend, and I won’t talk too much about the other things, because I will surely get round to reviewing them later, but just to give you a sneak peek, after much deliberation (I wanted to buy the whole shop as usual!) I ended up with

Oatifix Face Mask – an oaty and yummy face mask that they tell me is great for dry skin.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar – an INCREDIBLY yummy smelling bath bat which I am so looking forward to trying out.

and – one of my favourite things about Lush is that they often throw a new product in for free – Sexy Peel soap. I usually use their RockStar soap because it smells like heaven so I am really looking forward to trying that one too!

However; for today…

Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar 

Shampoo bar

I used one of the infamous Shampoo Bar’s a long while back, and sadly I can’t remember which one it was, but I remember liking it a lot, so it’s a bit odd that I haven’t picked up another until now. But I am so glad I did!

So the description from the Lush website says;

On a quest for stronger, shinier, softer hair? Try this argan oil-packed, Rose Jam-scented bar. Argan oil is combined with glycerine to give your hair touchable softness and lustrous shine. From this solid foundation restorative rose absolute and oil balances the scalp making this bar particularly perfect for setting fair hair ablaze with brightness and strength.

So a lot of my initial confusion was about how to actually use these things, but once I got it in my shower it was actually really easy!

You can either rub these between your hands until you have a lather that is similar to regular shampoo. Or you can rub the bar directly on to your hair. I tried both methods but I found that rubbing it on your hair can cause a bit of breakage because it’s quite rough. It’s a little bit more time-consuming to lather it up in your hands, but who doesn’t love a nice long shower!

What attracted me most (as it says in the quote from the website) is the yummy Rose-Jam scent. This is my favourite thing about most Lush products, because they really do know how to get an incredible scent into their products, and (maybe more impressively) get it to really stick to you after it’s washed out. My hair really did smell great for days!

So after it was all washed out and my hair was dry, it was the softest, shiniest, and most manageable it had been in a really long time! Since my hair is growing out of it’s pixie cut it has a habit of sticking up all over the place when I sleep on it, however after washing my hair with this it stayed pretty much how I had styled it but without being all sticky and yucky as some products make it.

Lastly, since I dyed my hair bright red again, finding a shampoo that doesn’t made the colour fade like hell has been a mission, yet the colour was still pretty much exactly the same as it was when I went into the shower.

Overall, the only teeny negative I can say about this product is that if you rub it on your hair it encourages a bit of breakage, but since that one is so easily overcome I can’t hesitate to give this Shampoo bar a 10 out of 10!

Keep up the good work Lush!

Just as a little last note; one of the reviews I read of these Shampoo bar’s recently recommended using them to clean make up brushes – if anyone know (or wrote) that review please PLEASE let me know who it was so I can tag it. I think this is a great idea, and one which I will definitely be trying out, so watch this space, and I will let you know how that goes too!

Let me know if you plan on buying, or what you think of these Shampoo Bar’s and which one is your favourite!


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