Lush Oatifix Face Mask Review

Well, after my brief stray away from Review Month with my Birthday Wishlist – normal service of reviews has resumed!

I have been lusting after face masks in general, mainly due to the fact (I may have mentioned this before) winter hates my face, so I need something to stop my face becoming a desert-like surface. Therefore, I sent a Tweet out, asking which is the best face mask for dry skin and Lush tweeted me back recommending their Oatifix face mask! (I love a brand that’s on top of social media don’t you?!) So since I did a little Lush haul recently – (you can read more about that here) I picked one of these little tubs up for just £6.50!



So according to the Lush website:

This gentle, nourishing mask is made with fresh bananas and illipe butter to moisturise dry skin. Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin work together in a mildly exfoliating base to eradicate dead skin, leaving you soft, supple and moisturised. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes and let the ingredients get to work before washing off gently with warm water.

You might be able to see from the pictures above (Apologies for the bad focus!) that the instructions are the same on the tub.

The only thing it doesn’t mention on the tub – which most people don’t need to be told, but genuinely I nearly forgot – is to make sure that your face is clean, free from make up and dry.

Apologies, I couldn’t get a great photo of the actual stuff in the tub, however I think you should be able to see that the tub isn’t huge. However, I got a piece about the size of a 10p piece on my finger and it covered most of my face. Which means there is easily enough for 5-6 applications in each tub – probably more.

Once again, if you look at the photos you can see that it doesn’t properly cover your face in the same way regular face masks do. But you can still feel where you have applied it, and it still definitely does the job!

The thing that made me most excited about this was when I was washing off the little bit of excess from my fingers after I’d put it on was that my hands actually felt softer! And that was after about 35 seconds of it being on my hands!

So I wandered off and started doing a Sudoku (my new obsession – please don’t judge me!) and waited the 10 minutes that it suggests. I find with normal face masks that sometimes while you’re waiting, they go dry and flake all over the place, but this didn’t at all!

I was genuinely amazed after washing this off. Like I said my face is normally SO dry, but it was soft as a baby’s bum! I may or may not have jumped on R and forced him to repeated touch my face because I was so excited about how soft it was….

Something else I usually find with other face masks is that for the first few minutes after taking it off, your face is delightfully soft, but as soon as the air/other products / life gets to it, it goes dry again. Well, a few hours after washing this off, I jumped in the shower, so my shower gel, shampoo and conditioner all got on my face, then (as you can probably preempt from the pictures above) the excess eye make up that I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of before hand ran so I used a face wipe to get that off. And then I fell into bed without moisturising – as I am so usually guilty of. However, this morning my face was still as soft as it was after I took it off, and my make up went on and stayed on smoothly today!

Overall, this is a definite 10/10 product and as a plus point, it makes your whole house smell like syrup!

Let me know if you’ve used this or any other Lush face masks, or if you know of something that can top it!



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