Learning to love the ‘5 Product Face’

You may have seen on various other blogs recently, many bloggers are reviewing their 5 product face. Yes, it seems terrifying – only using 5 products to make your entire face up for the day.

As I found out from the lovely Hannah Delacour – this has sprung from the amazing #lessismore campaign, to try and stop people thinking that if they leave the house with even the slightest imperfection then bad things will happen.

I will get to my ‘Five Product Face’ review soon, but I first wanted to talk about a few things this made me realise.

Firstly, once I thought about it, it became apparent that day-to-day I actually wear a hell of a lot more make up than I thought. My Mother goes to work every day without wearing make up – in fact she only wears make up on special occasions – and because of this as a younger teenager being ‘made up’ rarely bothered me. However, I would say since about 16/17 I have somehow been taken up by the ideals, and now I marvel at the fact my Mum has the confidence to do this every day. When really I should be praising her for being the confident, beautiful lady that she is!


So this week I have been trying out the 5 product face in various combinations – trial and error as to what I could/couldn’t live without. Last night I mentioned to R how hard I had found it and he turned round and said “I thought you’d looked nice the last few days – I hate it when you’re too made up, you don’t look like you”

Now I promise you that this isn’t him trying to be nice. After five years of knowing each other there have been plenty of times in the past when I look like crap and he will openly tell me to sort my life/face out. Normally that’s after a heavy night, but still…

Which means my second revelation was Why the Hell am I spending all this time/money/doing so much damage to my skin wearing all this make up, when my own boyfriend prefers me to look natural?

So Amen to the Five Product Face, I think this is something that might be staying for the foreseeable future….

It’s taken a lot of playing around, but I have finalised to:


1) Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – 115 Ivory – £7.99

It was only a few days ago I gave my full review of this so there not a lot of point in me going into too much detail. However, this gives a smooth, natural looking coverage, without too much need for concealer or power. Yes, I usually use both these products as well, but I haven’t really noticed a lot of difference in the way it looks without. Overall a great base for a natural, flawless look.

2) Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil – £2.89

I tried everything to not have my brow pencil in my five products, from going without it, to using a darker shade in an eyeshadow palette. But sadly, you just can’t beat how much having a well defined brow frames your face. I am like many other people, guilty of having over-plucked my eyebrows as a teenager, so going with out completely was just a no go. This pencil is great because it’s long wear, easy to define with and comes with a little brush built into the lid so that you can tame any strays easily.

3) Nivea Pearl Shine Lipbalm – £1.99

I wasn’t sure whether or not this really counted as one of my five products – lip balm is just a staple right? But, partly because I didn’t want to cheat, partly because it leaves a nice pinky pearl shine and partly, because on certain days I may replace this with a lipstick, I decided to count it.

If I wasn’t wearing lipstick I would wear lipbalm on a daily basis anyway, but I love the way this gives just a little bit of shimmer to add to a basic look, while still protecting your lips.

4) Seventeen Tattoo Me Liquid Eyeliner – £4.99

I briefly spoke about this product before, and I have been meaning to do a proper review. But there are so, so, SO many reasons I love this eyeliner. The teeny brush makes it easy to get a perfect line – and this is coming from a girl who does her make up on a moving train most days – and when they say it’s 48 hour wear they are 100% telling the truth. I’ve been a die hard eyeliner girl for a long time, but this one really adds just enough glam to an everyday look.

5) GOSH Xtreme Mascara – £7.99

This is actually a fairly new purchase, I have always used GOSH mascara but last time I went to buy some they didn’t have the one I normally use. So I decided to go with this one instead – and I am just as in love as I was with the old one. It gives stand out long lashes, without being clumpy or greasy and lasts all day. It makes your lashes longer and darker without being over the top – great for an everyday look!

So, let me know what five products you would pick, or even if you would be brave enough to ditch half your make up bag. And seriously, get involved with the #lessismore campaign!



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