Holiday Beauty Must-Haves!

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will see that recently, me and R jetted off for a little bit of winter sun. It was relaxing, a beautiful place and all in all lovely to spend some time together in the sunshine.

However, it made me realise how essential a few beauty tricks I picked up in my younger years of travelling are, and with the summer coming, I thought I’d share a few holiday beauty must-haves!



Vaseline is an absolute GOD SEND in any situation, purely because it’s so multipurpose, and these little pocket sized tins are perfect for popping in your travel bag!
We all know the generic uses of Vaseline, chapped lips, chapped heels, emergency moisturiser, taming and darkening unruly brows etc;  But this is a handy travel buddy for more reasons than that.

In the past I have forgotten to take mascara away with me, but I just dabbed a teeny bit of Vaseline under my lashes for a longer, darker looking lash.
On this holiday, I made the stupid mistake of scratching open my face while trying to blot my lipstick – don’t ask, I’m clumsy at the best of times! But after a few minutes of screaming at R that my face was bleeding, a teeny bit of Vaseline swiped over the cut sealed it up smoothly.

I know we already know about it being emergency moisturiser, but I can’t get over how amazing Vaseline is for this. In England I give it all the mouth – I don’t need suncream, I don’t need after sun, I don’t get sunburnt blah, blah, blah. And then I come home like a dried up mess.

However, about 10/15 minutes before you get in the shower after a hot day on holiday, rub a chunk of this on, leave it to soak in, and then shower off the greasy top coat that is left behind.
No greasiness to make you burn more, no dried up sun-ravaged skin.

And the last thing I’ll say, before this just ends up as an entire post about how much I love Vaseline – it’s a lot in case you hadn’t got that – but who has time to straighten their hair on holiday? Too much sunbathing, drinking cocktails, seeing cool stuff and having fun to be wasting time inside in front of a mirror.

Simply get a smaller than pea sized amount of Vaseline, rub your hands together until they are coated in a thin shiny layer and then give your hands a quick run over your hair. I can’t say it will make it straight, but it’ll definitely smooth any crazy flyaway hairs, and/or give the perfect finish to an easy pony tail!
Dry Shampoo.

You may recognise this from my ‘What’s going in my suitcase’ post, or from your life in general. But this is another thing that makes travelling or holidaying so much easier. Yes, swimming or being OVER hot and sweaty does sadly mean that you need a shower, but on those days/nights when you have too much cocktail drinking and enjoying a new city to do, dry shampoo means you can have a few days without washing your hair, and still look fabulouuuuus.

Hair grips.

Pretty much for all the reasons above about maybe not being able to wash your hair, added to the fact that when you’re hot 24/7 anyway the last thing you need is hot and heavy hair hanging around your face and shoulders. Keeping hair grips handy mean you can keep cool, and don’t forget, if your hairs all pinned away from your face, you avoid silly half face tan lines. Trust me, I’ve seen some baaaad ones in my time!

PSST! If you spray the grips with the dry shampoo before you put them in, they’ll stay put for a lot longer too!

A bright lipstick.

I am a huge advocate for travelling light! Who has time to wait for baggage claim, or lug a huge bag or suitcase around between airports and hotels? Which means I very rarely wear make up abroad. Especially considering wearing a heavy foundation means you’re less likely to end up with a tanned glowing face.

Therefore for an impromptu night out, or even just to glam up lazing around on a beach a bright lipstick does enough to keep you looking gorgeous and helps to accentuate that glow. Or at least make that sunburnt face look a little less red!

So let me know what you think of my holiday beauty must haves! Or tell me any of yours that you think I’ve missed.


One thought on “Holiday Beauty Must-Haves!

  1. I could not live my life without hair grips. They are my life savour. Lol.
    Not ever used vaseline for my hair before. I may try this out in the summer.

    Hope you had a great time away.

    Rosie xx

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