What’s going in my suitcase.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about me and the lovely R jetting off on our little Winter Sun break in just 3 weeks! (cue internal screaming in excitement) A lovely whole week of sun, sand, cocktails, sun, no rain, and did I mention sun? In case you hadn’t noticed I HATE winter.

So here’s a little sneak peak of some of the things I’ll be sneaking in my suitcase for the holiday season!


Goldfish Wrap Bikini (£28.00 from ASOS)

For some reason I have quite a bit problem with bikini’s that look like bra’s. Mainly because I don’t like standing in front of strangers in my underwear. So I always like to keep an eye out for something a little different, something that says, this is obviously a swimming costume and not just a bra and pants.  And my bikini of choice this time around is this super cute one from ASOS. And frankly, if I don’t get a beach picture of my holding a cocktail in a bikini what’s the point of going on holiday at all? (I kid, I did mention the sun being there right?)

Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99 from Superdrug)

This is an absolute essential for my life in general, and especially because I have short hair which is a little bit unruly when it’s first washed, but gets really greasy quickly. However, on holiday when it’s hot and you want to go out and enjoy a place taking time to wash your hair just seems like a waste. That and when you may not have the luxury of hair straightners, spraying a little bit of this on a hair grip before putting it in, means that you’re pinned back ‘do will actually stay in place! (Can I say god-send enough times?) All this amazing-ness for less than 3 quid!

Edith Front Pocket Weekender Bag (£45.00 from Accessorize)

So, I am VERY lucky in the fact that working for a large travel company, I get certain perks. One of those is that I get a free hand-luggage weight upgrade. But I think this bag would still fit the normal size requirements. (Don’t quote me on that one!) And even if it doesn’t for a long weekend away this bag is everything you need. Plus, I am bit obbsessed with anything with that many pockets. Meaning that your aeroplane book, or sunglasses are always within handy reach!

Floral Cut Out Dress (FIVE POUNDS from everythingfivepounds.com)

Apologies, I could not find the link to this actual dress. Mainly because I bought it a few months ago, so it sold out quite a while ago. But this AMAZING website, where (as it says in the URL) everything is just five pounds, will surely have something similar back soon. Mainly, I am just excited because I bought this dress at the start of September and then realised that quite a lot of my midriff is exposed, and sadly England is too cold to wear this most of, at this time of year. Which means I will be getting it and my midriff out for the first time.

Maddie Jersey Midi Length Tube Skirt (£6.00 from boohoo.com)

So this will not actually be the skirt I will be taking, I have a VERY OLD one that I bought a few years ago when I worked in the Sainsbury’s clothing department (check them out, they actually have some nice stuff!) but this is the closest thing I could find. Plus, since it’s only six pounds I will probably be picking up one in another colour. Or all colours. This kind of skirt is PERFECT for a holiday. Firstly, they are so scrunchy and lightweight, that they take up next to no room in your luggage, and secondly, with a crop or vest they are ideal beachwear, but with a nice top and cute pair of sandals, they also make a great dinner, or evening outfit. Win-win!

Aside from the stuff above, I will obviously be packing, vest tops, hair grips, suncream (to stay safe), my old, OLD red polka dot bikini, some make up, lots of moisturiser, and all the other things that you just can’t leave the country without.

But still, please let me know if I am missing anything vital from my suitcase, and lend me some tips on what will be in your suitcase this Spring.


P.S I’m not going for a few weeks yet, so you will have to put up with a few posts before I go quiet for a bit 😉

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