In February…

It’s nearly March!! I’m pretty sure the last time I checked it was like mid-January, yet somehow February has come and gone in a flash. It’s been a really nice month, filled with lots of fun, seeing friends and working, working, working. I also set up this lovely little blog on Bloglovin’ this month! (Go and give me a follow here).

But aside all that, in February I have been mostly….




I never used to be a big lipstick fan, I was always more of a fan of big and bold eyes and a nude lip, however recently I have been becoming more and more of a fan of lipstick. Considering I recently dyed my hair bright red again it’s been quite hard to find a shade that doesn’t clash, but Maybelline’s Colour Sensational in Pleasure Me Red (great name huh?) seems to work really well! You can read my review of that here.


Since, sadly the winter weather has remained scarves have been huge on my to-wear list at the moment. The one I’m wearing in the picture above is actually from Matalan which seems to be out of stock at the moment, but this gorgeous one from ASOS is pretty much exactly the same. As much as I’m looking forward to summer, I am definitely going to miss being all dressed down and cosy in simple jeans, t-shirt and a big warm scarf – it’s such a fashionable way to accessorise!

Doc Martens

I’ve been in love with Dr Martens for absolute years, but in a way that my Dad could not be happier about it’s only been recently that I have realised how functional they are as well as super cute! Since I now have to trek to the train station, from the train station to the bus stop in the morning and then back again in the evening, stepping in puddles is not something I have time to worry about! Yet my beautiful DM’s keep my feet super warm, super dry and there are about a billion ways to style them on Pinterest. Plus, they’re an amazing way to add a little bit of biker/grunge to a cute skater dress. I recently invested (away from the fun colourful pairs I already own) in the staple black shiny ones, and as well as going with EVERYTHING, they also wear like a dream. I’m pretty sure but don’t try this at home that there’s pretty much nothing you can tred on that will damage these beauties.


One, Two, Buckle my Shoe – Agatha Christie

R is an absolute Agatha Christie fanatic – he owns like every single one of her books, and recently he reminded me how good her writing is. So I borrowed this little gem from him. Despite the fact that I have read this a few times before, it’s still a constant series of twists and turns that never gets boring. She’s an author that is always on my ‘read more’ list. I just can’t get enough!

Stylist Magazine

Every week I get offered one of these magazines at the train station and it’s only been in the last few weeks that I have decided to take one and get reading on the train. As I have written about here I am not normally a fan of fashion magazines (read the post to find out why) but I really like this one. Despite the fact that, as the name suggests, it’s a style magazine, I really like the way it’s quite a mixed bag. This weeks one has a brilliant section of book reviews, and last week it had a really interesting article on the history of denim. If you’re ever offered one I would really recommend taking it. It’s a really great magazine – and it’s FREE!

Their website is pretty cool too –


So I’ve already reviewed my favourite things on Netflix at the moment, but in the last few weeks me and R have become big fans of Top Gear (also on Netflix and BBC iPlayer by the way). I’m not interested in cars in the slightest, but it’s great ‘couple’ watching because R likes all the cars and boy stuff, and I get to appreciate the fact that it’s funny, it’s topical and you know, quite a lot of the time the ‘Star in a reasonably priced car‘ is a hot actor. For something that’s just meant to be informative about cars, it’s one of the few programmes that’s actually made me properly laugh out loud recently.

Lusting after…

Leather Trousers

This was never really a trend that I liked, but a few weeks ago a colleague of mine wandered into work in this Topshop pair, with a simple white Tee, and black ankle boots and she looked INCREDIBLE. So yes, she is a lot taller, skinner and generally prettier than I am, but she gave me hope that maybe I could pull it off. So off to Topshop fitting rooms with a pair of these in tow is how I plan to spend my Saturday morning.


Mini Eggs

There’s not really an explanation needed for this to be honest. But 1) Easter is coming, and 2) How good are mini eggs?!? I can’t stop myself buying them in the first place, and then I can’t stop myself eating the whole bag after!!

Writing in…

Papworth Hospital 2015 Diary

So one of my 2014 New Year’s resolutions was to actually use my diary, since I buy one every year and then never use it and I’ve actually been sticking to it. I’ve been trying to do a ‘Thought/Idea/What I’ve Done’ of the day every day and despite the fact I’ve forgotten a few days it’s such a nice thing to do. I get to look back at my month and see that I’ve had some great times with friends and with R, and my work life is so much more organised than it was. I’ve found strangely enough that if you remember a meeting in advance it’s actually a lot easier to prepare for. (Who knew!?) Plus, the people at the Papworth Hospital do amazing, amazing, did I say amazing enough times? work, and so I get to support them while getting a diary full of pockets, a tube map, and with a wipe down cover. Which if you’re clumsy like me is pretty helpful!

Getting excited about…

Well as I have announced here before March is review month on Disastersofatwentysomething blog! So I have been shopping, using and reviewing lots of stuff ready. So keep your eyes peeled for the first review on the 1st of March!

So, let me know what you’ve loved about February, and what you’ve been up to this month.


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