Falling back in love with Brighton

It’s very easy when you live somewhere and see it day-in-day-out to quickly forget how much you loved it when you first visited it. Especially in winter when you don’t want to wander the streets or the beach of an evening, and all you see is your own flat, (aka Netflix) the route to and from the train station, and maybe the odd pub if you can ever muster the energy to put on a thousand layers and make the expedition out into the freezing cold and rain. Although maybe this is just me.


However, this weekend, the sun actually came out for a brief few hours, and since me and R had some friends visiting from my delightful home town, we went for a walk.

And it made me remember why we moved here... Because I really, REALLY love Brighton.

It’s something that I feel like I should spend some time appreciating in winter – because The Lanes, The Level, and even the beach are still just as beautiful, and have such a lovely atmosphere whatever time of year you visit them, but there’s something about it being cold that just makes me too lazy to leave the house.

But, this Sunday, hangovers were banished, in favor of a casual stroll down the beach. And strolled and strolled and strolled we did.

Past the adorable little shops and cafes built into the arches along the beach, past the quirky little pier that the childish part of me always feels like might give way any minute. Past the new wheel, which (I highly recommend – you get some great views), and even all the way past the old Volks railway train that spends its summers taking tourists to and from the Marina – I assume it spends winters somewhere hot and sunny relaxing getting ready for the next Summer. 

It made me remember that it’s not just the beach and the summer that I love here.

There’s something about just looking at the old burnt out shell of the West (old) Pier that makes me feel at home. There something about ‘The Office’ that makes me want to drink every kind of Gin and Tonic that I can think of. There’s something about The Lanes that make me want to wander for hours.

Except Snoopers Paradise – the sheer amount of people in/around/near that place make me want to scream. But I kind of like that too. There’s something about hating certain places that makes me feel at home.

There’s something about the weird, and wonderful people of Brighton – the way that every second person seems to have blue hair or a billion tattoos, or the drag queens that walk better in heels than I do, the way if you happen to find yourself near a park then everyone will have a dog that’s trained well enough to just run off the lead. And some that are terribly trained but they just let them do it anyway.

To be honest, I could go on for hours, it’s just nice to remember sometimes that you can really love the city you live in.

So guys, let me know what you love (or hate) about the places you live.


2 thoughts on “Falling back in love with Brighton

  1. You know, I really want to visit Brighton thanks to Jane Austen books and a bunch of other classics. A lot of book characters always go to Brighton. Someday, I’ll find out for myself why Brighton is so amazing.

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