Joining the Make Up Revolution.

AKA – My Pathetic Attempt at being a Beauty Blogger (Take 2)

Okay, so as we have spoken about before, I am not a beauty blogger. But I tried once I really enjoyed it, and it wasn’t received too badly, so I thought I’d try again.

I read a hell of a lot of beauty blogs and since everyone seems to be going mental for the fairly new range Make Up Revolution I just HAD to get my hands on some of the products.

So luckily for me, Brighton is one of the towns which has had the pleasure of having this range hit their Superdrug stores, so I headed up there, and picked up an amazing 4 products for only £11! Considering from Benefit you could barely buy half of one product for that, I was more than happy. But did the price reflect the quality…?

Apologies in advance for the terrible images/image placement I don’t normally do the photo thing!

Make Up Revolution’s Iconic 1 Eyeshadow Palette 

Iconic 1 (2) Make Up Revolution - Disasters of a twenty somethingIconic 1 Make Up Revolution - Disasters of a twenty something

Well this has been compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palette by more than one beauty blog that I have seen so I was very excited about this. I have been lusting after a Naked Palette for a really really, really long time, but I never seem to have a spare £37 to spend on eyeshadow (We all wish we did – but unfortunately my boyfriend tells me rent has to come before make up…but what does he know?!)

I have to say, for £4 I didn’t believe it could be that good, but I was completely wrong. I love, love love it! The colours are all really strong, and great shades for everyday use, and they last all day without even using an eyelid primer. And as a self-confessed ‘eye-rubber’ losing eyeshadow very quickly is something that happens to me a lot. But this does not move an inch.

The only thing that others are saying is that the brush that comes with it is pretty bad quality, but I don’t know any self-respecting female that doesn’t own a good quality eyeshadow brush anyway. So I’m not really putting that down as a negative.

Make Up Revolution Pressed Powder in Translucent.

Pressed Powder (2) Make Up Revolution - Disasters of a twenty something Pressed Powder Make Up Revolution - Disaster of a twenty something

So other bloggers seem to be fairly happy with this product – not raving about it but not hating on it either.

And before I say anything negative I will give it one positive. The packaging is one of the best things I have ever seen. As you can see from the crappy photo the cover twists off to reveal a handily stowed powder puff thing (I don’t actually know what these things are called?) AND there is a mirror on the bottom which means when it’s stowed in your bag you can easily touch up everything you need is in one package!


Somehow, I don’t even know how this is possible, the consistency goes from being too creamy, which makes it hard to apply to too powdery which means it cracks and chips and generally makes a bit of a mess of itself in your bag.

And as an apparently Translucent powder, its way way wayyyy too dark. It actually made me look like I’d applied some bad ORANGE fake tan. Helloooo! face wipes and starting my make up all over again. Which was helpful to me already being late.

Not even worth the two pounds that I paid for it.

Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer (Light)

Focus & Fix (2) Make Up Revolution - Disasters of a twenty something Focus & Fix Make Up revolution - Disasters of a twenty something

Now this is hailed as one of the Must have Trio from Make Up Revolution, and I must say that I like it a lot.

The consistency is very liquid-y, which means it applies easily with the attached brush, and makes it really easy to blend in with your foundation. And the colour works really well with my skin tone and tone of my foundation. Which is a plus.

Although I must say, as much as I love it, I don’t think it will be replacing my Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer but purely because it’s been a firm favorite for a while and a product would have to really impress to get me to leave it behind.

And last but not least…

Make Up Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick – Love Nude

Make Up Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick - Disasters of a twenty something Make Up Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick (2) Disasters of a twenty something

For the winter month’s when wind and cold and horrific weather conditions (All the reasons I hate winter!) make your lips all dry and chapped and sore, a lipstick with built in balm is pretty much a god send!

As you can kind of see from the photo, it looks like a stick of colour with a see-through balm outer coating. And it does exactly what it says on the tin!

I can’t say enough good things about this, the colour is great, the balm is really buttery, which keeps my lips really nice and smooth and it applies really nicely and stays really shiny. Like a lipstick, a balm and a gloss in one!

The only negative I have is that it’s far from a long wear product, after eating or drinking it disappears pretty fast, but I think that’s partly to do with the fact that it soaks into your lips to keep them soft. That and it doesn’t leave that horrible lipstick stain on cups etc when you eat and drink.

And all this for £1!!!

Well these are just my thoughts, and I know Make Up Revolution is the word (and colour) on everyone’s lips at the moment, so let me know if you have any other thoughts or have used any of their other products.

Love, always,

Bowie-Marie xx

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