2014 Review/2015 Goals


Well 2014 has definitely been one of the strangest years of my life.
The highs have been awesome and the lows have been some of the worst points.

In the middle of the year I quit my job (my first REAL job – or at least the first one out of University) and moved in with R in a new city. This is easy to say probably the best thing that could of happened to hopefully he’ll agree with me either of us. I love Brighton, I love our flat and most importantly, I love him. Living with him makes me happier than I’d ever thought I’d be. Yes of course as a couple we’ve had low points, but these are things that can never even for a second take down the highs.

After a few months in Brighton, unfortunately, for the first time ever in my life I was sacked from my job. It was heart-breaking, demoralising and to be honest it knocked my confidence in a huge way.

But on the flip side of that I then found a job that is so much better, with much better people, and suits me 100% better. Something I can be happy at, and make into a career for along time to come.
That and I’ve learnt that me losing the previous job was a company fault and not mine. Which has helped bring my confidence back up with myself again.

One of my brothers got married this year and my other brother and his wife are expecting a baby any day now so these have both been incredible highlights.

Unfortunaly in late October I lost my Nan. She was one of the strongest, most incredible women I ever could have had as a role model and this will always be the lowest point any year could ever have. Going in to 2015 without her looking out for me make this year one of the scariest I have ever encountered.

And lastly, another great high, I started this blog!
After only a few short months it still amazes me that you guys actually read the crap that comes out of my head, and I’m hugely excited about taking this to some really great heights next year.

This time last year I made 2 resolutions:

Firstly that 2014 would be the year of me and R, that I would put everything I have into mkaing our relationship work, and making him and myself the happiest we can be.

Secondly, and on a much smaller scale, to start taking some pride in my appearance. Uni kind of sapped away all I had of that and I was fed up of leaving the house every day with no make up and in a hoody and jeans. My morning routine has definitly got longer, but I feel 100% better for that.

So once again here we are, the list of 2015 goals is quite a bit longer, and yes this probably makes me more likely to fail. But you never know, this is a whole new year

Take better care of my skin

Yes, I wear more make up than I ever have, but half of this is covering/causing my skin to be the driest it’s ever been. 🙁
This year is the year of bothering to take off my make up at the end of every day. The year of exfoliator and the year of moisturiser. So if you guys can recommend the best ones that would be great!

Actually use my diary.

Every year I spend ages choosing the perfect diary, that I say I’m going to use and my the end of January it barely has anything written in it and if anything I’m even less organised than I was the year before. So this is the year that changes.
I’ve bought an awesome diary from the charity that helps my Dad a lot. (Papworth – in case you want to buy some stuff/donate) and I plan to plan everything – from 6 weekly hair appointments to blog posts. Goodbye bad roots, and goodbye double booking/not having anything to do of a weekend.

Make more things.

One of the things I am so lucky to have received from my Nan is her sewing machine. I think up until the age of about 4/5 I never wore anything from a shop because my between my Nan and my Mum they, sewed or knitted all my clothes.
I want to get crafty, get creative and hopefully get somethings made for my (soon to be born) new neice/nephew.

Get my blog onto my own domain.

This is something I have been putting off for a while, it seems like a lot of hassle, and to be honest, my laptop is a bit rubbish, so I’m not sure if it would run the software it needs. So I’m going to take some time, clean up my laptop and finally do it. Hassle or no hassle.

And as for the little things;

Travel more, read more, laugh more, spend every quality moment with R that I can, finally get those pictures up that has been on the living room floor for about a month, and find/take more to go up too. Think about embracing my natural hair colour, probably try the last few hair colours that I’ve never been before. Throw away all the crap I never want to but also never actually use.

So let me know how well you’ll think I’ll manage and let me know what your reslutions/goals are for 2015 too!


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