What counts as being a grown up anyway?

So over the weekend, myself and R, (having gone to the same University) received our first yearly issue of Alumnus magazine. Whaaaaat?

Yes, this threw me, for several reasons. First, I don’t feel grown up enough to be classed as ‘Alumus’. Second, I don’t feel like am successful enough to be considered ‘Alumnus’.

And, third and probably foremost, I didn’t know what Alumus actually was. 

Yes, yes, Im not  only partly stupid. I know that it has something to do with still being part of the University even though you graduated. However, I thought this was a blanket term of ‘Alumni’.

“I am Alumni. You are Alumni.  We are Alumni”

You understand how I thought it worked.

But apparently I was wrong. Which then threw me (obviously) in to the inevitable breakdown of “How can I expect to be a functioning adult, when I don’t even know the difference between Alumni and Alumnus. When I AM an Alumi/us!!!”

And we’re meant to be grown ups?

So between reading this article, and looking at this picture. I came to 2 conclusions:

1) In certain respects I am a grown up.

I have a flat, pay bills (even council tax), I haven’t shaved part of my head in at least a year, I wash up more than once a week, and I think I have career progression. Well my new job is less shit than my last one at least. 

But that’s not a very long list and a few of those are not really real reasons.

2) I am nowhere near a being a real grown up. 

I still go into my overdraft because I like shoes and clothes too much, I don’t like to phone the bill people because I have a weird fear they are going to tell me I owe them more money than I thought, I always buy a hideously greasy burger/pizza when I’m drunk and regret it the next day, and I missed the early train because I overslept three time last week.  I even thought drinking gin made me more sophisticated but apparently not. Oh, and I just had to spell check sophisticated because I couldn’t spell it. Twice.

This is obviously the point I felt like I wanted to cry and phoned my best friend. And we both had a little moan about being twenty-somethings in the big wide world that we don’t really understand, and how much it sucked trying to be a functioning Alumnus  adults, when really, we don’t know that being a grown up actually is.  

Because this is the final conclusion that I came to. Maybe it didn’t matter that I was only part of the way there.

I have a friend who has a very successful career , yet can’t keep a girlfriend for more than 5 minutes.

I have friend who is training to be a doctor, yet still managed to get drunk, lost and wake up on a ferry.

Another friend has a daughter, and is a fantastic mother. Yet she waits until her little girl has gone to bed to each chocolate because she doesn’t like to share.

Maybe I’m trying to rationalise my way out of learning to balance my cheque book, or try and get a mortgage or whatever. Or maybe its just a myth. And no ones a real grown up, you know at least not until your like 45 or something.

All that said, if anyone knows the answer to the Alumni saga, it really would make me feel better to know…

Let me know what you think…


3 thoughts on “What counts as being a grown up anyway?

  1. Thanks for reading my post! You know what, I’m with you. I think aspects of my life are grown up but on the other hand, certain sides aren’t even close. Luckily, I’ve learned that seems to be the case with even the oldest of grown ups, so I’m ok with it!

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