So why Brighton?

So, if you happen to have read my About page then you will know that me and the other half recently moved in together in a leaky little flat in the delightful town of Brighton.

When I told my family and friends from my previously established life that I was upping and moving I was met with a lot of support. Others just asked; Why Brighton?


The clip notes version is a story of girl meets boy (but hopefully not the boring lame kind of that story)
When this girl met that boy they lived very close. Three short years (two degrees, four houses, a LOT of snakebite and tequila) later the ten yards across a hallway turned into 84.3 miles. (I’m not normally this exact but I starred at that number on my SatNav screen for too many hours of my life!).

So, 11 short months (too many late night Skypes, about a billion text messages, even more awkward moments sharing a single bed in our parents houses and a LOT of beer) later,  the question came of who should move.  We decided both of us. Meet in the middle. Partly due to compromise, partly because I didn’t want to move to London.

But with me at the bottom of the country and him smack bang in the middle the country was our oyster. So once again, this brings me to the question of why Brighton…?

For those of you who haven’t visited (which you really should!) there’s something different about Brighton, that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Sure, it looks a little like a smaller London, has the student influence of Cardiff and the touristy parts of many, many other coastal towns. And maybe that’s what makes it what is is; the mix of all that stuff.

Apparently it’s not just me that gets this feeling anyway – If this is anything to go by.

And hey! In what other city can you find a stuffed animal museum, a pub that serves 40 different kinda of gin and a fifties style diner all within a two-mile radius.

I love the laid back lifestyle that everyone has yet somehow they still manage to get shit done! It’s a city where everyone’s a character but somehow they’re still interested in what your character is, (most importantly) where there’s more than one cafe to get a fry up in at 4am! And a whole barrel of things that in my short time here I haven’t discovered yet!

So yes, hopefully that answers the question of how we came to live in this little town, and as for the leaky flat; well that’s the simple issue of being a couple of skint twenty something’s straight out of uni. But I’m sure we’ll get to that more later.
So let me know what you guys love about Brighton, or if you’re the first person in the history of forever to not like it here.


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