Reasons why being in a twenty-something SUCKS.

Okay, if you’ve been  on pretty much any form of social media this week you will of read the delightfully hopeful titled, “If you’re under thirty, you’re screwed.”  Thanks for that Telegraph.

To be completely honest, the first thought that actually crossed my mind when I read the headline for this article was: Well yes, we’re all quite aware of how much being twenty somethings sucks.

But, since I am one of these said twenty-somethings, and I’m pretty sure R may be contemplating leaving me for the new PS3 game which is the reason we haven’t had a proper conversation is about 72 hours so I have nothing better with my time,  I thought I would explain this for those of you who are too young, too old, or just plain need the comfort of knowing that it’s not just you who feels like this is never going to be over.

Which brings me to my list of Reasons Why Being A Twenty Something SUCKS



Everyone you know is getting married/having kids

Oh, of course I’d love to spend ANOTHER of my Saturdays watching someone walk down the aisle with someone else that I really don’t know or care about, then try to drown my sorrows and confusion in extremely overpriced wine in some shoddy hotel, and then spend my Sunday looking at someone else’s baby scans/pictures of a lump in a jumper/ “Little Johnny is potty trained”

No. Just No. Speaking of which…

Your weekends are now special time.

By which I mean time you’re not at work. Which means you spend the entire time debating whether you’re wasting your precious time more by going out and getting drunk and then dying in your pajamas all the next day or by doing all the chores that you don’t have time to do during the week.

Council Tax, Student Loan Repayments, Bills, Rent.

Needs no explanation. You can’t afford any of them.

You’re too qualified for a shit job. But you’re not experienced enough for a vaguely decent job.

Which means you end up in one of three places.

1)  A training scheme for a vaguely decent job. Half way through which you realise is shit.


3) Somehow you get lucky and get the shitty job you feel like you might as well have taken at 18 instead of going to University. Because see my earlier point about Student Loan Repayments.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter. All the options are basically hell on earth.

You’re dreams are significantly smaller than they were before.

You were going to travel the world. Dance on the sand. Be an author, or a painter, or an actor.

Where as now you’d just settle for a 9am alarm instead of 6.30am.

The responsibility Saga.

The people you want to think you’re all grown p and responsible (The people who could possibly give you a pay rise) think you’re too stupid to look after a gold-fish.

The people you want to think you’re a poor baby who can’t function (the people who will give you free money or even just a few quick uses of Dad’s credit card) are too busy marveling over how you’re so responsible and standing on your own two feet now.

Growing Up Disasters of a twenty somethingI really could go on and on and on.

Tweet me your thoughts, and let me know what you hate(d) about being a twenty-something!



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