Jamberry Nail Wrap

As you  may of noticed from all of the reviews on here of different nail products, that I have a little bit of an obsession with having pretty nails. But I also spoken a few times about how my nails are in horrible condition as well. Probably because I’ve always had a bit of an obsession […]

Winter Warmers Wishlist

So unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere other than England – and if you do I am very, very, very jealous right now – you’ll have noticed that it has got mighty cold in the last few weeks. I know a lot of people who love Winter, but me – I just want to […]

Recommended Read: Game of Thrones

So a few weeks ago I posted about being more organised on the blog, and I really have been trying. However, I also made the mistake of getting obsessed with a new book series, which means blogging (and you know, life in general) has been out aside, in favor of curling up on the sofa […]

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Review

Okay – here goes…. My name is Bowie and I am a highlighter addict. I didn’t get on with the highlighting/contouring craze for quite a while because seriously, who actually has time to fully contour their face on a daily basis? However, highlighters; I fully fell in love with. A quick swipe across cheekbones will […]